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Mail Merge.

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MAIL MERGE Mail Merge letters are letters that are written to save time and energy. They save time for the secretary so they can get on with other work. They are a set letter that only has to be changed in a few areas, such as a few words i.e. ...read more.


The letter is produced using a word processing pram and blanks are left where the data, usually from the database, is inserted. The letter is written and the proposed data is inserted. Doulters Ford Company 6 Ardoyne Road Belfast BT14 7LL (028) 90255 887 3rd March 2001 "Title""Surname" "Address_1" "Address_2" "Address_3" "Postcode" Dear "Title""Surname" Doulters Ford Company wish to inform you about are new and exclusive offer this month. ...read more.


As this is your second car you have purchased with this company you get two years free insurance. Because you have purchased a "Make_of_car" "Model_of_car" for "Price" you are eligible for this promotion. Please contact us for more information and we hope to see you soon. Yours sincerely Alan Ferguson. ...read more.

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