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Make a system, which can print of invoices for customers who place an order via the telephone, which will show details of price, vat, delivery charge and other calculations.

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Problem My friend owns a bookshop in his local town called "The Book Warehouse". They buy books in bulk straight from the publishers for cheap prices and then sell them off separately for retail prices. That's how they make their money. The company is divided into two parts. One part deals with everyday High street customers and the other part is phone based. My friend takes care of the phone based part on his own. Customers from all over the country phone the shop and order their books. My friend writes down the name of the book that the caller wants and their phone number. The reason he takes their phone number is because he has to find out how much the books costs and then has to calculate the V.A.T, delivery charge and maybe a discount if a large quantity of books are ordered. This takes too long and so my friend just decides to call the caller back instead of the caller staying online. When my friend has called the caller and they have decided to order the books, my friend then has to fill out an invoice with all the calculations twice. ...read more.


Here are a list of possible spreadsheet packages: Spreadsheet QC �149.00 Microsoft Excel 2002 �281.86 Lotus 1-2-3 Millennium Edition �270.74 Crystal Deluxe �339.99 Quattro Pro �139.99 I am going to use Microsoft Excel as it has a variety of tools on offer, which I think will be well suited to my system. I have also chosen this package as it is cheaper than most of the other packages, as my friend is on a low budget. My friend is already familiar with some Microsoft packages as he did a management course using Microsoft Word. For this reason I am going to use Microsoft Excel for the system. As he knows the basic layout of Microsoft Office already, then I see no point on making him learn something completely different. Tools His new computer came with a laser desk printer, so he can use this for fast, good quality printouts. This will make the company look professional. Tools im going to use in Excel: Vlookup: This function helps you locate data in a list. It searches vertically down the leftmost column of a list and then reads across the row to find the data or value in the column you specify. ...read more.


System Objectives * The system should be user friendly. I am going to do this by making a homepage, which would have macros on it. These macros would be able to take the user from sheet to sheet without getting lost or stuck. The other sheets will have macros on it to take the user back to the homepage or to other sheets. There will be macros in the invoice sheet. These macros will help the user in various situations. I.E. suppose the user has done one invoice and then needs to do another one, instead of the user having to clear all the data from the past order manually, the user can just click the macro and it will clear everything for him. Another macro allows him to print the invoice just by clicking it. * Minimal amount of effort required by the system. The user should just type a few numbers in the Vlookup and all the information should come up. The computer should then calculate the total price, V.A.T, delivery charge and various other calculations automatically, leaving the user to only click the print macro to print the invoice. * All the calculations should be worked out by the system correctly, all the macros should work correctly and all the Vlookups should work. ...read more.

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