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Make a website.

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Shivangee Maurya 9V GCSE ICT Full Course 15/06/07 Hardware I have chosen to make a website I will choose all my hardware and software according to making a website. Hardware Hardware is pieces of equipments which let you do things the basic computer for example mouse, keyboard screen and etc. Mouse- the mouse will be used to drag pictures around the website and edit text and images There are many different types of mouse's we can use and come across the two I have chosen are optical mouse and a ball mouse. A mouse is an input device. They are pointing devices and input device it allows the user to control the movement on the screen. Roller ball Mouse This a mouse which has a ball underneath it and that is how it works the ball acts as the cursor. It is very similar to an optical mouse however an optical mouse works by a light instead of a ball. Advantages * Easy to use. * Very cheap to buy. * Very easy to find in shops. Disadvantages * The ball gets clogged up and can stop working if the lots of dirt get caught in it. * Can very easily break. * Wires can sometimes get tangled. Optical Mouse An optical mouse is mouse which has a light at the bottom of it which acts like the cursor. It is very similar to a roller ball mouse however works by a light in stead of a ball. ...read more.


Advantages * Very slim. * Doesn't take up a lot of space. Disadvantages * Can be stolen very easily due to its small compact size. * Can be broken or knocked over very easily * expensive www.continent.com.au Printers- T he printers will be used to print of importantn information and all the documentation for the website. This is an output device which prints onto paper whatever are you require to be outputted it produces them as hard copies. Printers are designed to produce hard copies at a very fast rate many printers are able to print at the rate of 30 hard copies in 30 minutes. Laser Printer This machine produces high quality text and graphics hard copies at a very rapid rate they are able to print around 12 000 hard copies in an hour. Laser printer do not use ink cartridges they use toner instead due to the size of the machine and it is designed to print many hard copies at a rapid. Advantages * Prints hard copies very rapidly. * You get very good quality. * Toner last a very long time. Disadvantages * Takes up a lot of space. * Very expensive to buy. p2.tech.re4.yahoo.com/.../153285 Inkjet Printer This printer which works by dots it drops the ink onto the sheet of paper to create a hardcopy. This printer works by propelling small ink droplets onto sheets of paper. Ink jet printers use one of these types of technology: thermal, piezoelectric, and continuous. ...read more.


Keyboard I have choosen to use a QWERTY keyboard over a DVORAK keyboard for one main reason that it is much easier to use compared to a DVORAK keyboard which would take time to learn how to use. Another reason was that QWERTY keyboards are much easier to get hold of compared to DVORAK keyboards which also can be very expensive to buy. Monitor I will use a LCD monitor over a TFT-LCD because LCD monitors give much better quality than TFT-LCD monitors. Also a TFT-LCD is expensive so if stolen I there will be a great deal of money loss. It also can be much more easily broken compared to a LCD monitor. Printer I will use a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer because laser printers are capable of doing many prints at a very high quality rate. Also they are much more long lasting compared to an inkjet printer which would save me having to but a new printer every few months. Other pieces of hardware I will use a Digital camera instead of a graphics tablet. This is because with the graphics tablet I will only be able to draw very basic things which would be very well suited for a website. However with a camera I can capture very good quality pictures for a website which will look much more professional. I will also use a speaker for sound effects on my website as it will make the website appear more professional and an excellent feature. Shivangee Maurya 10V ICT GCSE Full Coursework 14/09/07 What I will use for the Hardware sub system ...read more.

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