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Making a mail-merge for the company "mobiles4u".

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1) The Problem The company "Mobiles4u" at the moment are sending advertisements but they are writing them by hand. So it is not so good and is not attracting any customers. They are also writing the letters by type writing. There would be huge problem if they had to type the same letter again and again to loads of people because it would take a long time. And another bad thing is that if you make one mistake, you would have to type it again or you could tippex it out but it would look messy and the person who reads it wouldn't be impressed. There is also another problem, if you wrote someone a letter and you wanted to keep a copy of it yourself, you would have to type up another one. 2) I am making a mail-merge for the company "mobiles4u" because with mail merge it would be more efficient, easier to use, faster to use and less problems etc... You can find "mobiles4u" all over England like Heckmonwike, Huddersfield, Leeds and all other places. Their job is to sell mobile phones, sim cards, fascia cases, cameras etc... Their main target market are people over 13+ yrs. 5) Justifying of tools chosen I used Microsoft Word for my mail merge because on here you have loads of very useful tools. There are font styles so that it attracts people and makes it more professional by changing the styles e.g. ...read more.


I have chose Microsoft Word because there are a lot of functions you can use on it like, spell check so if you've spelt something wrong it would correct it automatically. Another function on Microsoft word would be the word art and the fill effects because these functions make the document very attractive and eye catching. Clip art is also a good function because then you can add pictures to your document which makes it more attractive. There are boarders so you can make it neater, tables to make the work better to read and many more functions!! Microsoft Excel is a good program to store information/data source because it can calculate sums by itself, sort names by alphabetical order, data filter by names etc... The information about the customers can be broken down into different pieces of information like 1st name, 2nd name, Tel number etc... How I made mail merge I am going to make a letter template by using Microsoft Word. It will contain information about the latest products that have arrived and the times of the opening hours. It will also have fields inserted like the customers title, 1st name, last name, age, address so it makes the customers feel more friendly. How I got my information I got the information for the table in the letter from the customers by making a questionnaire. I made the table in Microsoft Excel and copied this over to the letter. ...read more.


There is a several ways of backing up files like using a floppy disk, a compact disc, the hardrive/ zip drive or using a memory stick. All of these can be used to back up all data. Businesses should back up all their data at least once a day because some of their documents might be very important and if they don't back it up, it could be at risk. People back up their work so that they can always take the spare copy home and do their work there so they don't have to do it in the company. This is called working OFF SITE, another useful feature of this is that if something goes wrong in the company and loses all the file, you would still have a spare copy. 24)Security We can protect our documents and files from hackers in a several ways like putting passwords and PIN's so that hackers can't get in so easily. The manager of a company has the right to restrict certain people from going into secret files. Data Protection Law It is a law that restricts the way personal information is stored and processed on a computer. It mainly protects ordinary people by how people store their personal information. They collect information like, payment details, name, address, contact details, DOB, Sex, occupation, income details, marital status etc... The company Mobiles4u should consider this law very carefully so I suggest they should always keep the documents up to date, put passwords to secure it and make sure there are back ups of the information. Jason Lee - 1 - ...read more.

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