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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2776

Manchester airport

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Unit 2a Manchester Airport Manchester airport, like most modern, major airports operate a policy of 100% screening of all baggage, for the security and safety of the passengers and aircraft. There are five levels of security at Manchester Airport. Before a person's baggage may reach level 1 of the security check they must check in. This includes giving in two documents, your Passport and ticket. You then hand in your bag, and it is weighed and measured. Your bag is placed on a conveyor belt that has a pressure sensor. If your bag is between 3.5kg - 35kg, is 63cm high And less than 1.2m long then your baggage will be allowed on the plane. If it is not within these measurements then your bag is said to be Out Of Gauge. If this happens then you will be asked to pay more. Your receptionist will then attach two stickers onto your bag at 90? to eachother. This will hold exactly the same information including * Flight Number * Airline * Airport of Origin * Airport Destination * Passenger Name * Baggage Chute You are then sent away with your passport and your boarding pass. Your bag is then sent to level one, which is a vivid scanner. This takes a picture of your bag and records it. This machine takes a picture at 1 bag every 2 seconds. If there is nothing suspicious in the bags then they are sent onto the plane. This is where your bag will be scanned in order to find out what plane your bag is going to be on. ...read more.


MAISY is multimedia and there is female avatar tat can talk you through how to us MAISY. The avatar wears the airport uniform to maintain the corporate image. On the first side they will have a touch screen that will provide them information about the airport. The second side holds information of all the travel arrangements available from the airport. The third side will print of your information for you. On the back of the slip that you are given there is a voucher. For example if you were to print of a map at three o'clock on the back you could be offered a 'buy one get one free' offer at one of the stores located at the airport, to use by six o'clock that night. The companies that sponsor these vouchers pay to have their name on them, as this promotes business for them, by sending tourists and customers their way. There are plasma screens above the kiosks that are able to tell you where you are going and what to do next. They also have rubber bumpers at the bottoms to keep them from getting damaged by rogue trolleys and the kiosk will not move. The system gives information on a number of things including; * Train Timetables * Bus systems * Tram systems * Entertainment * Local Shops * Offers within the airport. * Plane departure times MAISY would also be able to send a text message to your mobile phone alerting you to when you plane is departing and what gate do you have to be at for a price of �1. ...read more.


The baggage handling system is also run through AMOSS. All the 5 levels of security are monitored through AMOSS. The results of all security scans are processed through AMOSS. AMOSS is also responsible for paying duty on goods. It controls the electronic transfer if you are paying with credit card. If you are paying in cash then the cashier will enter the amount, the goods bought and the tax paid for them . All of this is then sent to AMOSS. The rental of floor space is monitored through AMOSS also. If you would like to rent space for a shop within the airport then all of this would be processed through the AMOSS system. It will also monitor how much profit is being made by the shop and will calculate the percentage of turnover. Not everyone in the airport have access to the AMOSS system. You only have access to the part of AMOSS that is related to your job. For example, a baggage handler will not have access to MANTIS. AMOSS works very well in managing the airport as it makes sure that everything runs smoothly. If AMOSS does ever cut out, there is a back up version of AMOSS which has all the same information and will take over in the case that the main AMOSS fails. You could improve AMOSS by making sure it was more reliable so that there would less need for a backup computer. Without technology, AMOSS wouldn't be able to run so there would have to be a lot of paperwork and a lot more staff hired to do its job. This would cost the airport a lot more money than AMOSS does. Sarah Stainton GCSE ICT Parklands high school 46909 ...read more.

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