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CHAPTER 3 MARKETING IN THE DIGITAL AGE: MAKING NEW CUSTOMER CONNECTIONS I. LOOKING AHEAD: PREVIEWING THE CONCEPTS To thrive in this new digital age-even to survive-marketers must rethink their strategies and adapt them to today's new environment. II. MAJOR FORCES SHAPING THE INTERNET AGE Here we discuss four specific forces that underlie the new digital age: A. Digitalization and Connectivity * Today a growing number of appliances and systems operate on digital information, which comes as streams of zeros and ones, or bits. * Text, data, sound, and images can be converted into bitstreams. * For bits to flow from one appliance or location to another requires connectivity, a telecommunications network.. Intranet: A network that connects people within a company to each other and to the company network. Extranet: A network that connects a company with its suppliers and distributors. Internet: A vast public web of computer networks, which connects users of all types all around the world to each other and to an amazingly large "information repository." ...read more.


B2B (Business to Business) B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce: Using B2B trading networks, auctions sites, spot exchanges, online product catalogs, barter sites, and other online resources to reach new customers, serve current customers more effectively, and obtain buying efficiencies and better prices. � B2B sales far exceed B2C sales * B2B sales are estimated to reach $4.3 trillion in 2005 � Open trading networks * E-marketspace bringing sellers and buyers together � Private trading networks * Links sellers with their own trading partners 1. Open trading networks Open trading networks: Huge e-marketspaces in which B2B buyers and sellers find each other online, share information, and complete transactions efficiently. 2. Private trading networks Private trading networks (PTNs): B2B trading networks that link a particular seller with its own trading partners. C. C2C (Consumer to Consumer) C2C (consumer-to-consumer) e-commerce: Online exchanges of goods and information between final consumers. � C2C web sites help consumers exchange goods or information * eBay is one example � Auction sites facilitate the exchange process * Allow access to a much larger audience � Newsgroups / forums * Help consumers to find and share information D. ...read more.


Placing ads and promotions online � Online forms of ads and promotions * Banner ads/tickers * Skyscrapers * Interstitials * Browser ads * Content sponsorships * Microsites * Viral marketing � Future of online ads 3. Creating or participating in web communities � Web communities allow members with special interests to exchange views * Social communities * Work-related communities � Marketers find well-defined demographics and shared interests useful when marketing 4. Using E-mail and webcasting � E-mail marketing * Key tool for B2B and B2C marketing * Clutter is a problem * Enriched forms of e-mail attempt to break through clutter � Webcasting * Auto downloading of customized content to recipients' PCs VI. THE PROMISE AND CHALLENGES OF E-COMMERCE * The future of B2B E-commerce is bright * A few click-only companies may succeed * Most companies will integrate online marketing into the marketing mix A. The Continuing Promise of E-Commerce B. The Web's Darker Side 1. Internet profitability 2. Legal and ethical issues a. online privacy and security b. other legal and ethical issues VII. LOOKING BACK: REVIEWING THE CONCEPTS ?? ?? ?? ?? 164 145 ...read more.

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