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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4661

Master Prints I.C.T. Project

Extracts from this document...


1. Master Prints I.C.T. Project Example Minor Project Report AS ICT 2000-2001 2. Specification 2.1 Statement of Problem Master Prints Ltd Mary Jenkins runs her own printing company called Master Prints Ltd. She employs 15 full-time staff of which six are permanently based in the office. As the owner of the company she is responsible for organising day-to-day activities. One of the most time consuming tasks is the amount of paper work which has to be processed every day. Mary and the other workers in the office have found producing invoices and letters to customers takes up at least 50% of their time. Under the current system, when Mary needs to produce an invoice, she has to photocopy the standard form and begin to fill it in by hand. If a mistake is made during the completion of the form it must be thrown away and a new one copied. This can be very frustrating. Mary would like a system which would save time and cut out many of the mistakes. She would also like a more professional image portrayed on the documents sent to customers. 2.2 User requirements From my investigations of the running of Master Prints I have found that the following is required. These requirements have been agreed with Mary Jenkins. 1. Letter informing all customers of new charges. Approximately every six months Mary has to increase her charges and has to inform all her customers. The letter needs to include details of all new charges in a table, the customer's name and address, the date and who to contact if there are any queries. The name and address must be in a suitable place for window envelopes to be used. 2. Letters informing customers of completed jobs. A letter is sent to all the customers whose jobs are ready for collection. The letter will need customer's name and address, date of order, job description and pick up details ie date and time. ...read more.


Test Screenshot 1 3 Print out a copy of the test data Data compares with test data Data compared with test data Test Printout 3 4 Enter the test data set 2 Data is required in the Title field - error message Error message appeared Test Screenshot 2 5 Enter the test data set 3 Post Code is rejected - error message Error message appeared Test Screenshot 3 6 Enter the test data set 4 Post code cannot be left empty - error message Error message appeared Test Screenshot 4 7 - Continue testing all input masks, validation, defaults etc etc etc etc 4.3 Testing New Prices Letter etc 5. Evaluation 5.1 Evaluation criteria 5.2 Evaluation against user requirements For each User Requirement consider the following and how you will find out whether each statement is true. Have you achieved the objective of the user requirement eg does the letter contain all the new prices in a table and include all the information required by the user? Does it work - every time? 5.3 Evaluation of performance indicators How long does it take? (i.e. takes x seconds to produce an invoice whereas old system took y minutes Is it accurate - e.g. in a selective mail merge does it produce output for the right people? ie does it send invoices/order collection letters to the right people The Overall System Does it have a consistent customised feel i.e. consistent 'House Style' to promote corporate image? Is it simple and easy to operate? (customisation of HCI and provision of a User Guide) Does it benefit the end user? Is it better than their current system? Is it easy to maintain? i.e. can the user easily add new clients, delete old ones, make changes to letters. Is it easy to transfer to the user's computer? 1. 6. User Documentation A User Guide is needed to show how to USE the system (NOT how to create it). ...read more.


The system should be able to hold all the details in categorised order. Letters of Promotion with details automatically filled in. Letters will need to be produced to be sent to Businesses of the local society asking if they would wish to either purchase an advertising board or sponsor a ball for a match. Letters of thanks with details automatically filled in. During about the middle of September a letter of Thanks will need to be sent to all the Businesses and Persons who have participated in the running of the club, by the purchase of an advertising board or sponsor of a ball. The letter can be quite informal but does need emphasis on the thanks as well as the fact that the club will be calling on them again next season for their input and help. Corporate image. St Levan Cricket Club is a well respected and highly run image of society, therefore their letters must promote a good professional image. This needs to be achieved by using the same logo and heading upon each letter and the clubs telephone number and address posted upon each one as well. Realise of new Captains identity. After the voting slips have been mail merged a letter needs to be created to be posted to the Business members and Persons who have taken interest in the club. This just shows that the club plan to keep the Sponsors and Buyers in contact with St Levan Cricket Club. A notification also needs to be posted on the changing room notice board at the first training match of the year. The Treasurer will also announce the results so everyone is aware of the possible change. Automatically produce various lists of membership. The club needs to know when memberships are due to be paid. Lists also need to be produced showing which members have or haven't paid for their club membership. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 c:\documents and settings\ckd\my documents\essays\doc\after\2055.doc Sue Ray 2 c:\documents and settings\ckd\my documents\essays\doc\after\2055.doc ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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