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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4771

Me, Myself and I.C.T

Extracts from this document...


In this piece of coursework I will be describing the technology I use at school, home and socially. I will describe how to use them and how they meet my needs. Promethean Whiteboard Theses are interactive whiteboards; we have them in most classrooms. They can be linked up to the internet, and everybody can learn more while having fun. You can play games and have everybody involved; you can show aims and objectives for different lessons so people can leave it on for people to copy down at their own pace. The teachers can present all their work to the students easily without the cost of printing and dozens of photo copies. You can also get a blank worksheet up and use the pen included with the whiteboard to write information needed also students can get more involved as they get a chance to use yourself. You don't have to use an over head projector any more, and have a danger on tripping over wires. The programme used is active studio. Some of the disadvantages are sometimes the pen will not work properly, when you try and write, it misses out letters so you have to put pressure on the pen as you write. You have to get permission off the teacher, whose room it is that has the whiteboard fixed inside. Another disadvantage is you can't use a normal pen on the interactive whiteboard, because it won't come off, you will have to use mentholated spirits to get the pen off the board. I use these interactive whiteboards in Science, History and English, in History it helps with solving how reliable or detailed the source is. In Science they show word equations and our objectives. In English our teacher can put on the board what we need to do in that lesson or a document which we have top copy up. The Interactive is one thousand pound, the projector is two thousand pounds the pens are forty pound and the speakers are two hundred to three hundred pound. ...read more.


My television is a Samsung and it is HD, High definition, ready. This is good because if I miss a programme, I can pre set the programme to be recorded which allows me to watch it at any time. Also I can get on to teleport replay, when I can watch programmes on BBC channels, Challenge, Living TV, E4 and Channel Four. It lasts a week, for example if I missed a programme on Monday the following Tuesday I won't be able to watch it, as the week will be over. I use this when I am at home or at a friends if we get bored, music channels I tend to watch with my friends. I can use this socially because if my friends comer round we can watch television together. One way I could improve my entertainment is to have one of the satellite services. This would mean that I would have more channels to watch I could watch movies and listen to music and be better entertained. I could also set the box to record my programmes so that I would never miss them. Computer I use a computer most days to read my e-mails, go on msn, and go on the internet. I can go on lots of sites, for education and entertainment. I can use this socially because some game sites you can play against people all over the world. I also have music stored on my computer, played on Windows Media Player. The disadvantages are that some times they freeze and if you haven't saved your work then you could lose it all. CD Player This allows you to play CD's, tapes and listen to the radio. When I am bored I can listen to music. If I listen to the radio, I tend to listen to Galaxy, BRMB, Radio 2 or Heart FM. I can use this socially because I and friends can listen to music together, and we can find out what types of music we each like. ...read more.


I use this personally because I load and unload the dishwasher. It has a Start/Reset button and an On/Off button, when the dishwasher is on a red light is permanently on. There is also a button to select the option you want the dishwasher to preform, Delay Start, Prewash, wash, Rinse and Drying. There is another button to selcet what type of wash you want, Intensive - 65 degrees, Normal - 55 degrees, Eco - 45 degrees, Fast Prewash - 40 degrees and Delicate - 50 degrees. Tumble Dryer My tumble dryer is a Bosch tmble dryer, model WTA 2000. I uses this personally because I load and unload the tumble dryer. It has a start button which lights up red, when the tumble dryer is in action. The dial shows times, simple turn the dial until you reach the time you want, for it to dry the clothes inside. It has a key which tells you the different materials and the times and temperatures needed to dry the materials. Microwave My microwave is a Hinari Elipse microwave oven and grill, 800WE. I use this personally by reheating or defrosting the food I am about to eat. It has a start/quick strat button and a stop/cancel button. There are options for example, 1 - Coffee, 2 - Rice, 3 - Spaghetti, 4 - Potato, 5 - Auto Reheat, 6 - Fish, 7 - Chickem, 8 - Beef/Mutton and 9 -m Stewered Meat. The dial allows to to change the time, to the tome needed to cook something. The are other buttons, Power button, Grill/Combo button, Clock button and Auto Cook button. Internet I use the the internet personally by being able to find information for myself, independantly or go on game sites, music sites or friends sites, such as Bebo or Piczo. The advantages are that I can use the internet at any time of the day, for personal and school work. You do have to pay for the Internet but I have a package which allows you to payn for the Internet, Telephone and Television at one time. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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