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Me, Myself and ICT.

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Me, Myself and ICT Report Introduction I am writing a report about how ict effects my every day life at home, at school and at play. I am going to describe each of the wide range technologies available to me. Technologies used At home I used a wide range of technology from using washing machine to using the Internet. At school I use a wide range of technologies from making circuits in design technology to designing a web page in IT. When I'm playing I don't use as much technology as I do at school or at home but I still use some like computer games and the internet although I ride my bike more and play football. This is a list of what technologies I use most. * SMS Messaging Better know as texting this popular service has taken phone companies by surprise. When it came available on phones it wasn't even in the how to use manual because they thought it would never catch on. ...read more.


There are a lot of different types of mobile phone some of the main ones are Nokia and Samsung and Motorola. WAP is a new technology that allows you to go on the Internet on your phone. My phone is a Nokia 3510i which has WAP on it I don't use that much because the quality of the pages are not that good I might aswell use the computer at home. With my phone I have polyphonic ringtones on it and colour pictures aswell so I am quiet satisfied with it. * Games consoles Game consoles can be very entertaining if you like the game you're playing on. There have been a lot of different types of game consoles such as the Playstation(tm) and the Playstation 2(tm)from Sony and the X-Box(tm) from Microsoft. There has also been advances in the hand held consoles the Gameboy(tm) was a big revelation but now we have Gameboy Advance(tm) and Gameboy SP (tm) with even better graphics. * Internet(WWW) The Internet is a network of millions of different computers. ...read more.


When you are using the browser you can type in a sites Uniform resource locator (URL) or the address. Your home page is set on your browser and you can always go back to you home page by clicking on the button on the task bar. When you set up an Internet account you need to find a suitable Internet service provider (ISP). * Broadband Broadband is a quite new technology that is used for accessing the Internet. It allows more information to come through your phone line, cable TV or satellite dish at once. Broadband is a lot faster than a normal internet connection. * TV The transmission of visual images of moving and stationary objects, generally with accompanying sound, as electromagnetic waves and the reconversion of received waves into visual images. An electronic apparatus that receives electromagnetic waves and displays the reconverted images on a screen. The integrated audible and visible content of the electromagnetic waves received and converted by such an apparatus. The industry of producing and broadcasting television programs. * CD player * Video player * DVD Player * Digital TV and Digital PLUS * P2P (peer to peer file sharing) - 1 - Created by TMcHugh ...read more.

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