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Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access

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Spreadsheet - Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application, which will enable the analysis of data because it is able to perform calculations and routine mathematical operations for example a cash flow forecast. Spreadsheet files are known as workbooks, in which you work and store your data. Because each workbook can contain many sheets, you can organise various kinds of related information in a single file. Simple formula such as using Sum will add up column or rows of data quite easily, while more complicated formulas using IF statements can compare different values and then inserts the appropriate result. Worksheets are able to list and analyse data. You can enter and edit data on several worksheets simultaneously and perform calculations based on data from multiple worksheets. ...read more.


(Relate this to your idea) Excel also has some other special facilities that enable you to do specific things. For example you can use filters at the tops of a lists to extract just certain pieces of information. Or you can create lookup tables to obtain information you do not want stored within your main spreadsheet. Excel also comes with the advantage that you can use it as a data source to merge with a mail-merge document within Word. Databases - Microsoft Access Microsoft Access is a database, which is a collection of information related to a particular subject or purpose, such as tracking customer orders or maintaining a music collection. Access is one of the best database applications available as it offers powerful, searching and sorting capabilities. ...read more.


Tables By using a table you can add, edit, or view the data. You can also check the spelling and print your table's data, filter or sort records, change the datasheet's appearance, or change the table's structure by adding or deleting columns. A report is an effective way to present your data in a printed format. Because you have control over the size and appearance of everything on a report, you can display the information the way you want to see it. A macro is a set of one or more actions that each performs a particular operation, such as opening a form or printing a report. Macros can help you to automate common tasks. For example, you can run a macro button that prints a report when a user clicks the button. ...read more.

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