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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 7132

Mr Ariel Sharon is the owner of a small, but very busy, independent sports' shoes store named "ShoeShop". It is located in the centre of Londonand new and old customers are constantly popping in with questions.

Extracts from this document...


IDENTIFY Statement of the problem Mr Ariel Sharon is the owner of a small, but very busy, independent sports' shoes store named "ShoeShop(c)". It is located in the centre of London and new and old customers are constantly popping in with questions. The most common question is "Is this shoe available in [this] size?" The sales assistants employed at the shop cannot always answer this sort of question very easily because it is very time-consuming and sometimes difficult for the assistant to quickly go and check in the storage room at the back of the shop for the shoe's availability. Currently, a shop assistant has to go to the storage room, then to the particular brand's (e.g. adidas(r)) section, and then start looking for the customer's preferred shoe model and check if the appropriate size is available. It would be even more time-consuming if Mr Ariel Sharon wanted to find out the exact number of shoes remaining for a certain model or size as the shoes would have to manually be counted by the assistant. This is unreliable as the assistant may not search adequately, and may convey the message that the shoe is not available when in fact it is. The customer would also want to know the latest price of the shoe, and the labels which have the price printed on them may have outdated prices which would most likely alter the customer's choice. What Mr Ariel Sharon really needs is a system that will let the customer or sales assistant input the shoe model and then display the shoe's availability in each size and the latest price in "�'s". Having a system such as this will allow Mr Ariel Sharon and the rest of the assistants more time to talk to other customers and increase the quality of service provided by ShoeShop(c). It would also allow Mr Ariel Sharon to keep an eye on the stock and to ensure it is sufficient. ...read more.


Task 5: Password protect stock file The spreadsheet file, "STOCK-ShoeShop(c)", will be protected with a password. This means that no body can open the stock list file without the password which has been chosen by Mr Ariel Sharon. When it has been opened by inputting the password, the cells can be modified or deleted as the cells have not been protected; Mr Ariel Sharon is aware of this and says that one password is enough for the file. Task 6-7: Create search file, "- Home -" sheet, insert heading and logo images (Design Sheet 2) After creating the stock file and saving it, I will have to create the other spreadsheet file and name it "SEARCH-ShoeShop(c)". I will also rename "sheet1" in the new file as "- Home -" which will be the starting sheet for the system's users. Once this is done I will insert the large heading of "ShoeShop(c)", and will also obtain the logos from the relevant sports brand's web pages on the internet and insert them into the sheet along with the brief word art message. Task 8: Enter formulae next to each logo The formulae entered will simply equal the "STOCK REMAINING" in the stock file: Next to the adidas logo - ='[STOCK-ShoeShop(c).xls]adidas(r)'!$E$3 Next to the FiLA logo - ='[STOCK-ShoeShop(c).xls]FiLA(r)'!$E$3 Next to the N I K E logo - ='[STOCK-ShoeShop(c).xls]N I K E(r)'!$E$3 Next to the PUMA logo - ='[STOCK-ShoeShop(c).xls]PUMA(r)'!$E$3 Next to the Reebok logo - ='[STOCK-ShoeShop(c).xls]Reebok(r)'!$E$3 Next to the UMBRO logo - ='[STOCK-ShoeShop(c).xls]UMBRO(r)'!$E$3 "E3" being the cell reference to the "STOCK REMAINING". Similar formulaes will be put next to the other logos, but with different sheet references. Task 9-10: Create Search sheets and enter formulae, smarten up sheets, assign logos macros (Design Sheet 3) After finishing off the home sheet, I will make six additional sheets with the following names: "SEARCH-adidas(r)" "SEARCH-FiLA(r)" "SEARCH-N I K E(r)" "SEARCH-PUMA(r)" "SEARCH-Reebok(r)" ...read more.


It searches for the shoe and clearly displays the quantity remaining in all sizes and the latest price of the shoe in less than one second. It also gives the total quantity remaining for all the sizes added up. If there are no shoes remaining then the system automatically displays an apology sentence and therefore giving a clear answer to the user's enquiry. The system handles all valid quantity values entered and rejects invalid user entries. Also, the system did not involve any additional hardware or software costs. User feedback on solution Mr Ariel Sharon was very pleased with the spreadsheet; however he foresaw some problems in using it as the exact spelling of the preferred shoe's model name has to be entered by the user and some customers may not be aware of the correct spelling or may not be too familiar with key boards and so there is a strong possibility that they input the correct shoe name but with a different spelling and the system would show N/A (not available). He agreed that it would have been extremely complicated to include a search feature which brings a result, even if it is not exact, based on the information input, it would also be time-consuming to keep up to date. Further suggestions for improvements The system would be even more useful if it included an easy facility to add new shoes and update formulae. It would have also been useful if the system would also lookup and display the shoe's picture and more details concerning the shoe. When the user presses the 'Restart' button the screen flicks briefly and the cell selection is changed before selecting the input cell. I think this is a slight problem from the macro I recorded but it would be possible to write a macro preventing this so that all unnecessary movements of the screen or selections are invisible. 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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