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Mr B Monk has asked me to help him develop a database system for his new upgraded video shop.

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Database Report!!! User Requirements Mr B Monk has asked me to help him develop a database system for his new upgraded video shop. I will do this by using 'Microsoft Access'. This will hopefully give my client a clear understanding of what videos each customer has taken out and which customer has returned or not returned the videos. ...read more.


Data Needed To develop the database I will need the following data: > Customer's first name > Customer's surname > Address > Telephone number > Date of Birth > Customer ID > Video ID > Video/DVD films > Rating > Genre > Date borrowed > Date returned I will get this information from the video shop. ...read more.


For the customer ID I decided to use 'auto number'. This means that when I type in the data for the customer ID the numbers will come automatically in ascending order. For the customer's first name, customers last name, address and phone number I used 'text' for obvious reasons. I decided to write the date of birth in 'date/time', so that it will be presented in that format. ...read more.

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