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Mr Massimo Bossman, the general manager is keen to develop the company and has ambitious plans however in order to fulfil these he is aware that the introduction of ICT systems is necessary.

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Report Task 1 ~ Research and Analysis ~ Introduction 'Top Toggs' is a local clothes retailer with a presence throughout the north west of England. Mr Massimo Bossman, the general manager is keen to develop the company and has ambitious plans however in order to fulfil these he is aware that the introduction of ICT systems is necessary. I have been employed, as a systems developer, to develop an ICT Information System. The Current System Employees are becoming frustrated with the length of time taken and inefficiency with which daily tasks are completed. Current processes are repetitive, time consuming and inefficient which leads to delays in information being transferred. After interviewing key 'Top Toggs' personnel I am able to clearly identify components of the current system that need to be incorporated into the new one, components that require modification before being incorporated and components currently missing from the information system Roger Jameson (Regular Shopper, age 14) * Likes being sent regular newsletters and information about sales and special offers. * Thinks they are "...are a bit naff." Jenny Smith (Sales Assistant) * Uses an 'EPOS' (Electronic Point Of Sale) system which is 'very efficient' * Is currently studying towards a GNVQ in Retail Therapy and management has been promised some computers to be made available for staff use. She would like some drawing packages to help her design a new company logo (as part of her GNVQ). ...read more.


Bossman to easily comprehend the financial workings of his business. The accounts department should have less of a job on their hands with the aid of a Mail Merge system which will take required information from a source (e.g. word processor or spreadsheet) and create ready-to-print pay slips. Finally the staff newsletter Fabio has to produce should be made much easier with a D.T.P. package. This will allow Fabio to create material that looks just as he intended. In Summary I am going to design, create and implement: * A new corporate 'Top Toggs' logo * Template letters to (un)successful job applicants * Database of employee details * Financial model that calculates weekly payments * Financial model that produces monthly profit/loss figures * Hourly paid staff pay slips * Staff informational newsletters Intended Method Creation of new corporate logo I plan to design my logo initially in Microsoft Word XP as it has limited yet powerful drawing tools capable of producing the kind of logo I am aim to create. It would be possible to use other specialised drawing packages however as my task will not require such advanced features they would serve as little more than a timewaster. Once I have created my logo it will then be transferred into Microsoft Paint 5.1 to be saved as a bitmap, a format recognised by nearly all applications. Text and instructions will be inputted. Text formatting, resizing and 'autoshape' creation processes will be applied and an image (the new logo) ...read more.


It is important, however, to consider the alternatives. The current system is still operable, however inefficient. It would be possible to improve the current system without the use of computer systems. For instance the introduction of a new filing system could be introduced to allow information to be retried and sorted easily however all manual systems come with limitations: They are all slow and have a much higher chance of error as everything is done by human hands. If you were to give a computer and a human being identical mathematical data to calculate as well as doing it several hundred thousand times faster the computer would have an error margin that would have to be written in standard form, however a human being (who we will assume is using a calculator) has to enter all the numbers manually and therefore has a much higher chance of miss-calculating. A task such as mail merging could take a human being up to an hour to do about 30; however a computer could quite comfortably do 30 in just under 2 seconds, and, again, would have such a tiny likeness of error it becomes negligible. Ease of use My system should be easy to use as it is broken down into seven sub-systems, which will all be used by specially trained 'Top Toggs' staff. This will result in a minimum amount of training and maximum productivity from staff. I will expect confirmation of this when the user proceeds to evaluate the system. Alistair Fenning :: GCSE ICT Coursework ...read more.

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