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My aim is to create a web page for future fashions; this site will allow item viewing and ordering for all sexes.

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Project analysis My aim My aim is to create a web page for future fashions; this site will allow item viewing and ordering for all sexes. For this task I am going to break it down into stages: * I will search other sites and see what they have to offer * I will see what the customers want on a web page * I will design my web page * I will put the final details to the web page * I will do a conclusion. * I will then evaluate the web page and write lists on how I can improve the web page. What the business does The business is a multi-national store specialising in designing; we will make all types of clothing Shopping over the Internet, the drawbacks and the advantages? Shopping over the Internet has grown considerably over the past few years. The benefits of this are that there are no travelling costs, there is home delivery, and the product can be paid over the Internet without using cash. ...read more.


What you can offer? My web page will have all of the previous statements that were given, plus more, such as it will allow people to enter their measurements, this stops the hassle of having the ringing up and complaining that they are too small. I will have links that allow the customer to send e-mails giving me suggestions on how I can make the web site better. How I am I going to give my site these facilities? I am going to give my site these facilities is that I can: * I can use Microsoft publisher to design my web page * I can use hyperlinks to allow them to send me e-mails I will use a number of input and out put devices, to help me along with the design of the web page. The inputs that I could use are: * Keyboard - this allows me to add data to my web page * Mouse - this allows me to design my web page to its full potential, this gives me the opportunity make it look really good. ...read more.


3. Plotters A plotter is another hard copy output device that reproduces graphic images on paper using a pen that is attached to a movable arm. * E-mails - I could use this to send out my order forms for the clothes instead of doing it manually, I could use it to publicise my web page and store, I also could send out the employees pay slips. * Monitor - I could use this to see how I am going to design my web page from scratch * Speakers - this would allow the customer to hear about the special offers or sounds that I could add to my web page, especially in the babies area. There are many disadvantages and advantages for all the input and out put devices. Such as, the final product might not finish the way you would like it to, or may be it takes to long, on the other hand the advantages are that this might be easier and might be to some people quicker to use, you can auto correct your mistakes and correct them without having to do the whole thing again. ...read more.

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