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My Communication Style.

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My Communication Style For supporting my family, I have a part-time job at a Chinese restaurant when I have no class. My duty is preparing the buffet before customs come. I work with several co-workers. Everyone takes a part of the duty, so we must cooperate to finish the job well. At the beginning of this job, everything went well, I could make money and practice English, some of staffs became my friends. But later one unhappy matter happened. One new employee joined our team. Like before, I welcomed her and helped her to fit this position. But as time passed, I found she didn't want to take her responsibility. Normally, after two weeks, the new worker could take himself duty like other old employees, no matter about working pace or skills. But it seemed that she didn't want to take her duty. Three weeks after she began working, she still worked very slow, and let me do a part of her responsibility. ...read more.


I tried to identify my own communication style with Wilson Learning Model. Normally, I am shy girl. I don't like to show my feeling to others because I don't know how to do that and what the others will think. In shortly, I keep my emotion to myself. I am almost Task-Responsive. So in Scale A, I think I should choose 1. At same time, I can make decision by myself. I don't like always to ask others this or that to make my decision. But I am not so much assertive. I make decision not so fast and sometimes want to hear others' suggestion. I am somewhat Tell-Assertive. So in Scale B, I would like to choose 3. In this case, I can get the conclusion: my predominant communication style is in the Driver grid. But under some particular condition, such like I feel stress and can't solve problem in my normal way, I may turn into other communication style. ...read more.


And I will be mild to teach her how she should work and point out what wrong is. I know if I can't express my meaning when it is just little, it will be accumulated to a big trouble finally. Although sometimes maybe I can't find the way that I can explain clearly, I should ask some of my colleagues for help. Because they may have met such problem before, I will ask them how they would deal with this person. In this way, I can find the better way to solve this communication problem. Reference Hill, Signe S. & Howlett, Helen Stephens (2001). Success in Practical/Vocational Nursing - From Student to Leader (4th Edition) Chapter 1: How Practical/Vocational Nursing Evolved p2-p22 Document from the official website of the Canadian Practical Nurses Association, from http://www.cpna.ca/ Kozier & Erb & Berman & Burke (2000). Fundamentals of Nursing (6th Edition). Chapter19: Professional Nursing Roles p376-p381 Kelly Kay. RPN: A Brief History of Practical Nursing in Canada. ...read more.

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