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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1102

My database is on a video rental shop.

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Introduction: My database is on a video rental shop. My uncle Ronnie has been recording his data all by hand since 1982. He now wants to modernise his shop and record his video rental details on to the computer. He has asked me to create a database this will be created using Microsoft Access and this is my report on how the database was created. What will the database enable you to do when you to do? This database will enable me to: * See who took out the video * Which video they have taken out * When it is due back * If they paid or not * It will also let me focus more on the important aspects of the business, as the renting information will be much easier to access rather than me always writing the customers details when they rent a video from my shop. What data is needed? For this database to work well I will have to collect the following the data. ...read more.


* Then I have linked video ID from the table renting to video ID from the table video on a one to one relationship. Also linking these tables helps keep the information accurate as linking the tables enforces data integrity. I will link my tables together like this: * First I will drag customer id from the first table to customer id on the second and then video id on the second table to video id to the third table. 4. Describe how you put your plan for tables and relationships onto access. I will put my tables in my database by going to new and starting a new table. I will also add a primary key to all my tables. 5. Describe how you entered the data into your tables. I put my data straight onto my tables, as they were all ready set up to fill in the data. 6 Describe how you have searched (query) and reported any findings Have you clearly described what you were searching for? ...read more.


I realised this after showing it to my uncle Ronnie who owns a video shop. He said that it still is very helpful but can be improved a lot more, for example he said I needed to add something to my database that will enable me to check how many videos there are in the shop. For example, a person takes out "Romeo must die"; I need to find a way that will tell me how many "Romeo must die" films remain in my shop. All my tables were suitable as their names suited them and the fields were suitable for example I put "yes/no" fields in suitable places along with the others. After doing this basic database I have thought of many ways to extend my database further, but the main and most important one I have already explained above. another problem I had, was when I realised someone had been going through my files without my permission. at first I did not know what to do but then I realised I had password protection available so I used it. DATABASE REPORT Vipan Bagga 10c Mr Jogia ...read more.

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