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My final report - Spreadsheets.

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My Final Report Throughout this project, I used a ranged of techniques in order to make my spreadsheets a success. The creating of the spreadsheets did indeed seem more difficult than expected, but I have finally come to a satisfying spreadsheet design. * How I created my spreadsheet. I mainly created my spreadsheet using 'Trial and Error' which proved to be reliable towards the end of the project. In each spreadsheet, I have included a range of columns each showing different information. The first column, is showing the numbers of orders hence the name 'Number'. The second column shows the item that is being ordered. Every item that 'Janet Fellow's' has to offer is shown in the column (named 'Item'). The following column is the most important in my point of view, as this piece of information is vital if we are to calculate the VAT price, the discount price, and the overall price. Below I have added a screenshot of a chosen spreadsheet. As you may have already noticed I have added the date to my spreadsheet. This will allow the user to keep track of when the sheet was created. This will cut out a large amount of confusion if the orders for kitchens become common. ...read more.


If I was to give the program a mark out of ten for ease of use, the mark would probably lie somewhere between 8 and 9. * Ease of setting up Again the spreadsheets were reasonably easy to set up, which I have mostly explained in the 'ease of use' section. As we all know, in order to enter the excel program, all you are required to do is double click on the logo and your in. The next stage is entering the needed data. This can cause some confusion if wrong digits are entered. However there are methods that can be used to detect these mistakes. With careful typing and regular checking of work, this process is reasonably easy. * My view of excel and its suitability From my point of view excel is a straightforward and user friendly program that is very well suited to this type of spreadsheet. The reasons for this, is the amount of options that 'excel' has to offer in order to make life a little bit easier for the user. However if you are not an experienced user, and there are no experienced users present at the time of use, then there are some complications that may arise. ...read more.


other relevant data values to change automatically in order for the spreadsheet to be correct, there are a number of steps that you must take. This caused me a large amount of confusion. Eventually however I corrected this problem. * Did my project do all the things that I set out to achieve. From my point of view, I have successfully completed the list of objectives and criteria in an appropriate and methodical way. I have taken care when creating spreadsheets in order to make the solution correct, and I have analysed them, and made any changes that I think relevant in order to improve the reliability of my final spreadsheet. Also, I now have a much clearer insight to what the 'excel' program involves and I now feel more experienced with using the program also. * Improvements that I feel may be possible in the future. Taking into account the amount of resources that we have, and the understanding of the program that we also have, I feel that there are no further improvements that we could have made to the project. There are no major stages of the project that I feel needed desperately changing, however there may be minor areas that I could find if I had a better and more experienced insight to what Excel involves. Adam Bowering 10.7 ...read more.

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