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My grandparents are approaching their Golden Wedding Anniversary. It is my objective to organise the event for them.

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Objectives Of This Unit. Introduction. My grandparents are approaching their Golden Wedding Anniversary. It is my objective to organise the event for them. Tasks. Tasks that I will have to perform will include... * Using a word processor and database to write a letter to local hotels, asking for information about prices, availability and food. * Using a database to create a list of guests for the party. * Creating invitations for the party and merging them with the database to personalise them. * Creating envelopes for the invitations, and print the envelopes out by merging them with the guest-list database. * Creating menus for the evening, with the same colour scheme and format as the invitation. * Sending directions from guests houses to the chosen hotel, and send them to guests who live outside the county of Pembrokeshire. ...read more.


Step Three. After I had checked the first draft, I experimented with different font styles, to hopefully improve the presentation. Figure 2 and Figure 3 show two styles that I tried. Step Four. I decided that the original draft looked better than any of the enhanced version, but it looked too 'squashed together', and only took up half of the page. To solve this, I inserted blank lines between lines and left a space at the bottom for my granddad's signature. Step Five. After I was satisfied with the appearance of the letter, I merged it with my database of hotels. Figure 4 shows that I inserted the <Company>, <Address 1>, <Address 2>, <Town>, <County> and <Postal Code> fields from my database into the document. ...read more.


I noticed another problem. The data in the <Address 1>, <Town> and <County> fields was too long and had been cut off. To solve this, I increased the width of the fields and the data now fitted. Step Six. Because I had increased the width of some of the fields, the database was now too long again and took up two pages. To solve this I decreased the widths of other fields, and the database now fitted on a single page. Figure 3 shows a copy of the final printout of the guest list. Task 3. Objective: Create invitations for the event. They should be made to a suitable and tasteful theme, and the information should be enough to inform guests of the main arrangements (venue, time, etc.), but they should not contain too much information so that they become overwhelming and hard to read - as that would spoil them. Step One. Leigh Duffy 10R IT Coursework Summer Term, 2002. ...read more.

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