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My main use of technology is to entertain me as well as make life easier by using it to streamline tasks and minimise the inefficiency created by a non technological society

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Personal use of technology My main use of technology is to entertain me as well as make life easier by using it to streamline tasks and minimise the inefficiency created by a non technological society. The most prominent use of technology in our lives is entertainment this can be seen in the form of televisions and satellite TV. Below I have listed several technologies that I use on a daily basis to meet my demands and entertainment needs: * Computer * Satellite TV * Email * Mobile Why I use a Computer: I use a computer for a variety or reasons, the first one is entertainment; the computer has the ability to act as a fully fledged media centre and a games console, I can listen to music, watch TV, watch movies and view pictures all from the computer. I can also play games on it which makes it a very versatile machine and piece of technology. The second reason is work; I can make word documents presentations and research information that I require through the internet. ...read more.


The output is displayed on a monitor which allows u to view what the computer is currently doing. Monitors are usually TFT screens but older makes have generic CRT ones. The computer meets my needs as not only does it provide me with a huge array of entertainment options but also allows me to communicate with my friends and find out information and process it almost instantly. Disadvantages of the computer The main disadvantage of the computer is that it is fairly large and needs several pieces of kit to make it work effectively. The second is that the computer requires power from the mains meaning it cannot be moved while in use. This can be overcome by using a laptop which is powered by a battery which is recharged. Due to the internet many people often have the personal information exploited by hackers who illegally retrieved this information. Improvements The main improvements that should be made to the computer is the ability to voice command as this would reduce the time taken to type documents and carry out tasks. ...read more.


You use sky simply by typing in the channel number which then switches to the channel. This is done via the remote control. There is also a TV guide which allows you to view what is currently showing on each channel and then allows you to select it. There is also a planner facility which means u can schedule a program to be recorded at a later date and there is a series link function which means you can record an entire series if that's what is required. How SKY meets my needs SKY has a vast selection of channels which show almost every type of show. This fulfils all my entertainment requirements. However there is more as it also allows me to plan my viewing timetable and rent movies through the box office feature where I can pay per view. There is an interactive feature which allows you to by lottery tickets and accesses the internet. Disadvantages of SKY The biggest disadvantage of sky is that when there is overcastted sky the signal from the satellite to the receiver becomes blocked and you are unable to view the TV in such conditions. Why I use Email: ...read more.

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