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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 803

My presentation is about work experience and advice on work experience its audience is for students in year 10 which are not sure about work experience.

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Designing a multimedia presentation assignment A1 Introduction: My presentation is about work experience and advice on work experience its audience is for students in year 10 which are not sure about work experience. The presentation will have 8 slides, one video, two sound files and 15 pictures. The video and sound files I made and the pictures are downloaded of the internet and other sources. My presentation will suit the audience because I will use fonts that students will be able to read. The presentation would not be complex for students and will be basic and simple for them to read. Also I will use videos and images that students can relate to by using images which can be understood. Software applications: Microsoft presentation: I used Microsoft PowerPoint for the main slideshow presentation. I also used it for collecting pictures, animations, custom animation, master slide and timing. ...read more.


I used it because someone recommended it to me because they said this software is good to make simple movies so this is why I used it. Audacity I used audacity to recorded and edit my sound this was free from the internet and easy to use and is features and functions vary from what you are using this software for. I'm using this software for recording and editing my sound. Gimp I used gimp to edit the image I had taken with my digital camera. Gimp is free software which means you can download it and use it at home. It similar to Photoshop application and has features will allow you to put text above the image and many more. Overall gimp is straightforward application to edit images in Techniques used The techniques I used in the presentation were custom animations like the object spiralling in, other techniques were animation that I downloaded of Microsoft PowerPoint these were used in times that were relevant. ...read more.


Editing I will now explain using screenshots how I edited my video, image and sound for my PowerPoint presentation. Windows movie maker (Video editing) Gimp (image editing) I used the gimp to edit an image I took with a digital camera the picture was of a pupil of Featherstone high school in the library holding a book. I edited to put text on took of him saying "I wonder were I can work for work experience" now I shall explain how I edited the image Audacity (sound editing) I used audacity to edit one of the sounds I have recorded the sound was one of my class mate who has been work experience saying what he achieved from going to work experience. Now I will show how I edited the sound using the software audacity. ?? ?? ?? ?? Manveer Singh Tumber 11x5 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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