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My project is based on current activities in pets club called "Animal Jungle".

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Animal Jungle - Database INTRODUCTION My project is based on current activities in pets club called "Animal Jungle". This club was founded on 25 August 2003. "Animal Jungle" is club but in the same way shop. There are many activities or goods provided by the Club, such as you could pay for training or buy some things for your pet. There is big shop based on all sorts of things for pets, from medical needs, food and pets' toys to live home pets. There are organized trainings for pets, usually dogs. Miss Sally Kent is manager of the 'Animal Jungle'. She has all lists of members. One of her main jobs is to look how is club going and to write letters to members. There are 150 members now. PROBLEM WITH THE CURRENT SYSTEM My user (Sally Kent) is having problem doing jobs that need to be done. ...read more.


That sometimes can be indeed hard job and messy. IT solution For my user will be much easier and less complicated to keep members data on the computer. There will be for sure less loss of members' data. All data would be less messy and neater. If my user wants, to find some member she just needs to type member number or something what can respond that data and she will find wanted member document. It will save some time and therefore it will be cheaper solution. PROPOSED SOLUTION Adequate solution I think could be IT solution. However, it is quicker and easier to reach any data. If my user want to find some member data only what it will needed is typing member number or something what he/she knows to get wanted data. My user, Miss Kent, could find any data fast without loosing time on searching. ...read more.


Inputs are data, which we store in computer. Following list represents just part of input data. Outputs All requests made by user produce outputs actually. Following list contains some examples: Output Required input All members report Membership number, name etc. All services/goods report Services/goods description, prices etc. Invoice Member data, service/goods data, turnover data (sold services/goods) Searching for goods on members request Service/goods data Invitation letters Member's data, event's data Processing Some outputs are very straightforward. For example, "All members report" needs just formatting. All data are just in one table. To print "Invitation letters" process needs member's data, event's data and it will format them without any additional calculation. "Selling" will have member data and service/goods data as inputs. Because it is usually done when member is present, it should be fast. Database and screens should be designed to enable it. "Invoices" have different data as input, e.g. member's data, service/goods data, selling price, date, quantity, tax etc. Invoice processing performs calculation to get sum of all items sold, to calculate tax amount and total amount. Input Members screen (example) ...read more.

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