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My spreadsheet was designed to help the company Rapid Cars with their ordering system. In addition, it was intended to reduce paperwork, time and discrepancies that could occur during the process.

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Evaluation My spreadsheet was designed to help the company Rapid Cars with their ordering system. In addition, it was intended to reduce paperwork, time and discrepancies that could occur during the process. The system requirements were: * Include a user-friendly data entry form, which would require not much knowledge about computers e.g. by using titled boxes for data input, validations to prevent mistakes. * Aid in accuracy for example by using drop-down menus whenever possible. * Update the modifications required by the customer in a small amount of time. * Calculate the costs quickly, including the prices of the modifications and the cost of the labour (by the hour) * Store the customer details on a separate sheet * Calculate the total cost by the click of a button * Create an invoice, which includes the customer details, the car details and the details of the modification. This should be printed by the click of a button * The data in the system must not be able to be modified or deleted such as titles and logos * The system should be able to provide an analysis chart/table of the products sold. ...read more.


The formula contains a section where the price of the labour time is added. The value is generated done very quickly. 5. The customer details are transferred by a macro onto a database, which also contains the details of the car and the car modifications. All this is on a separate sheet and this can be useful if the customer comes later for their car to be modified. In addition, this information can be useful to send customers newsletters if the company decides to produce some. 6. The total cost is calculated instantly as the modifications are selected. This is due to formulas that work out each section of the modification category. There are also discounts and these are calculated during the process of calculating the total price. 7. I have created an Invoice where the user does not have to type anything as all values are updated by a macro or a formula. This would reduce the time as the data does not need to be entered again and it would aid in accuracy. ...read more.


In addition, there is not a lot of paperwork due to the formulas and macros. With new technology, this system can be sent via e-mail as off site back-ups. Even though the spreadsheet is quite large the transfer only takes under a minute on broadband connection and around five minutes on 56k connection, but this depends on the time of the day you are on the e-mail. The system I have created meets and fulfils the requirements. It is simple and fast to use. More support is added by me creating a user manual. The system takes less time than I expected to calculate and do everything else. User entry is very straightforward with the notes. Limitations The only limitation of this system is that the user could accidentally move the checkboxes and unprotected cells that are updated by a macro could be accidentally changed. Both of these limitations will be outlined in the user manual with solutions if they occur. Although this is not a limitation but had I the knowledge, to create a sheet with a timetable where the customer's appointment for their car to be modified would go in the next free slot, I would have done it. ...read more.

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