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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1317

My task is to help Type a Flight travel agency to make their things easier, for example to make a computerized database for them so it will be easier for them to find customer records/details.

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Introduction Type a Flight is a Warrington based travel agency which was established in 1995. It has approximately 500 customers and 10 employees. Type a Flight has a small shop which is situated in the center of Warrington in the midst of other small stores. Inside the shop the workers sit behind one long desk in a straight row. They have a phone line system which they use to communicate with the customers. Behind them are around 6 filing cabinets containing the details of all 500 or so customers which are arranged in alphabetical order. Every time a customer phones the member of staff taking the call gets out of his chair and looks through the cabinet to find the customers details. This procedure requires a lot of man work and is also very time consuming. My task is to help Type a Flight travel agency to make their things easier, for example to make a computerized database for them so it will be easier for them to find customer records/details. A database would also be easier to make a booking because if they had filing cabinets then it would be very time consuming in finding the person's flight or details. ...read more.


I can also get the information from the internet by going in their website but I will not do this because this will also waste time and if I do get the information this might not be reliable source. I will get information from the actual agency by going to their shop and I will do this because it will be sufficient and I could ask those questions as well and the information I will get will be reliable. The questionnaire I will use to interview the agency is given below: 1. Does your agency know how to use a computer? Yes No 2. Does your company know how to create a letterhead? Yes No 3. How do you think your company will cope with the new system? 4. Is your company trained properly? Yes No 5. How do you feel with the new system? 6. Do you think there is a better way to improve the system? 7. What are your opinions? 8. Does your company know how to create a template letter? Yes No 9. Do you think your company prefers the old system or the new system? 10. Why do you think this? 2. Create a database + Queries and Forms I can create a database by Microsoft Access but I will not because it is not made for that. ...read more.


Writing reports at the end (User Guides) I will create a user guide for people who do not know how to use a computer properly and in that user guide I will put pictures so the people who are reading it will find it easy. Input, Output, Process and Storage Now that I have researched hardware and I know what they are I can put them into different groups. Year 10 Create Queries Text Pictures Create Database Create Template Letters Switchboard Hard Drive Ease of use The final product that I will make is going to be easy because I have explained how I am going to get my information also the manual is going to easy to read and finally the manual will have a user guide with pictures so the person will have ease to read and understand and the user should have no difficulties to use the user guide. Also the final product that I will make will be easy for the company because it will have everything step by step also if the company employees do not still know how to use it then there will be pictures so the company will know how to use it. Description of problem = 1 Plan of solution = 1 Methods = 1 Solution meets requirement = 1 Ease of use = 1 ?? ?? ?? ?? AO2a ...read more.

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