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My use of ICT

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ICT affects our life in many ways and I have been asked to perform an investigation and show my results in the form of a report. This report will include my experiences. I will be commenting on the following topics: a) Describe how students use ITC in doing their work at home and at school/college. b) Describe how an adult in employment use ITC doing their work, including the ways it has had an effect on his/her working style c) Descride how a person with with special/particular needs uses ICT to help them. d) Describe how ICT is used in your local community. e) Consider the legislation that protects individual and group from the misuse of ICT. The technology I use at home The technology I use at school E-mail Computer software Broadband Projectors Digital camera Internet Computer (software/hardware) Printer Game console Scanner Radio/CD player Printers DVD player E-mail At home E-mail can send message, notes, picture and letter across the world. ...read more.


The main advantage for using broadband is that it is 10 times faster, you can also download and send file at a faster rate, it can also be wire less connection, and you can also watch live news and sport. The only disadvantage for using broadband is that you have to in area which can connect to the broadband network for it to work and connect. Projectors At school We use projectors in school to show pieces of work on a big screen, so everyone can see it, the school also uses projector to show what work we are doing so it save paper time and money. The advantage for using projectors is that you can see work for the back of the class, work is projected on to a screen so we can see it and also it save paper by only needing a piece of paper in sanded of 30 piece of the same work. The disadvantage for using projectors is that you can't see the work on the screen if the sun is shining on the screen the screen and sometimes the projectors do not work or you can't see the work. ...read more.


The disadvantage for using the school internet is that they block web site like google, it sometime don't work and it can be very slow at times. Computer (software/hardware) At Home The computer software and hardware I use at home are programmes like Microsoft word, Microsoft works suit and pc games. Computer hardware I use are things like the keyboard, mouse and a joystick for fly games. The advantages for using computer software and hardware is you use programmes like word to tape letter or to do homework on, the work suit can be used to make card letter heads and has letter format. The advantage for using computer hardware is that they help you like the keyboard help you tape because it has all the letters in front of you, the help you point on the programmes you want or the computer would have to have a touch screen or a built in mouse, which can move the mouse when screen is touch. This can make thing easier and this mean you don't use the mouse all of the time. ...read more.

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