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Network NAB 4.

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Network NAB 4 Peer to peer, or P2P computing has become a huge craze in the new millennium. The technology lets individuals directly chat, exchange files, and share computer power and storage space. It has changed profoundly the way people use computers. Today, current Internet users require a basic functions and software to gain access to the Internet. They simply have to connect to their ISP (Internet Service Provider), who give them a temporary IP address. ISPs also provide additional services, which we take for granted, such as pulling in your e-mail. If you were to have your own personal IP address then such facilities, as these would not be provided for you. Just witness the Napster phenomenon. With so many people sharing music files it was no wonder companies fear copy write fraud. Napster shows us the next generation of the Internet, using the technology in a different way. The software application was freely available over the Internet. ...read more.


To do this a thin layer of software will run on your computer allowing access to the company. This type of application might benefit distributing data processing or online services such as file storage systems, databases or advanced web search engines. It is not just the companies that will benefit from this breakthrough of old technology. The owner of the pc will be paid for allowing their computer to be used and also given added extras, for example, while the company are using her computer they are also sending a series of movies to the computer. It can almost be seen like a barter economy that provides free services in exchange for processor time and disk space. For example a pc owner might specify that the computers processor can only be used between 9am and 5pm unless a very high price is paid. But the cost of the company owning and running all the required hardware would greatly exceed this payment. ...read more.


The future sees that when work is saved in your computer it wont be saved to your own personal computer, instead split up into tiny parts and saved all over the world. If your computer, or even the Internet and every computer in the United Kingdom crashed your work will not be lost. Extra hardware and software will be all you will need to recover your files from across the Atlantis and beyond. Who knows what will result? At the moment magazines and newspapers are talking about a society where the Internet will dominate. Where we can go on holiday leaving computers all over our homes so we can check up on essentials such as water, electricity or food supply. We could check our fridges from Hong Kong to send an order to Tesco's so that when we return we will have enough tea, coffee, sugar and milk. Who knows what will happen! Who knows what mad ideas people will come up with! All I know is that one-day we will be doing things with the Internet that we could, at present, never even dream about. ...read more.

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