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Nokia Communications - Internal Communications.

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Nokia Communications Internal Communications Internal communication can be used in all different companies from a skate shop to the company that I am doing Nokia. Internal communication have lots of different forms and they are listed below: * Pagers * Memorandum * E-mail system (not the internet but a whole complete system) * Video-conferencing E-mailing system A pager system is a very good invention. It is a small but in some cases a big object that bleeps when you get a message. It also has a keyboard and a screen so you can read the mail and write one. You can't talk to people on it which is a down side because for some people who can't write will take them ages. But the advantages of why the people use the system are listed below. * You can take them anywhere (no wires) * You can contact someone quickly you don't need to dial you just write the message and send it. * They are in some case small and compact and it will fit in the person who is using it pockets The bad point is: * For some people it mite take a long time * If you don't know how to use it, it will be a struggle Memorandum Memo are for employees to use within the business. Let say for instants a employee wants to tell the boss that he has sent all the files he needed onto his account. ...read more.


The advantages of advertising are: * Little noise * Updating is generally easy * Records can be kept by recording it or take a picture of it. * It can advertise to people who are a distance away or to people who wasn't interested to mobile phones. Both Internal and external This is a communication which reaches out to everybody from inside Nokia to people outside of Nokia (customers) * Telephones * Meeting * Fax * Annual review * Notice boards * Letter Telephones This is very popular with communication because it is easy to use everybody has got one. And everybody know how to use it. You just pick it up when it rings and talk. I think using the telephone is one of the best way of communication. It advantages of using a telephone is listed below: * Instant feedback (because you are talking to them) * You can contact lots of people in a very short amount of time * Contact people whether they are one earth They are also disadvantages too and they are: * Can't be updated because if you have said something that's it you can't change what you said * No record is kept so you can't prove it that the conversation tock place * Costs money * Sometimes you have black spots where they are no way you can phone them because the signal is so bad * No face to face communication (so you ...read more.


* You can update it easy because you only need a pin to stick it on the notice board The disadvantages are: * No instant feedback * If someone doesn't like what you have written they can rip it off * Not face to face * If it's on a busy corridor it will be hard for people to look at the stop and notice the notice board. * Records can't be really kept from a notice board Letter It is the first form of communication it's even before the telephone and that was invented ages ago. But it has it's advantages and disadvantages. Normally peoples complaints come in a letter and normally want a written apologue. The advantages are: * Contact people quite far away * Record is kept if you photo copy it * No noise what so ever except when the postman puts it through your door at 7 in the morning. * It can reach quite a lot of people at once if you address it to lots of people like a company. Disadvantages: * Can't update it * Not that cheap * It takes along time * Can even get lost through the post * Not face to face either I think the best way of communication for external and internal communication is telephone, internet and letters. It's because they haven't got that mush of a disadvantage to them. ...read more.

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