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Nokia - In today's communication industry, the growth of the Internet has established a Universal medium for access to all types of information.

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3.6h Nokia In today's communication industry, the growth of the Internet has established a Universal medium for access to all types of information. Nokia uses many ways of communicating, the use of mainly technology to contact many departments of the company. This is done mainly via the new technology of video conferencing. No matter where you are you can have a face-to-face meeting via a computer and a modem and a video camera. Allowing you to see each other over a computer screen. As Nokia is situated around the world with different headquarters for each functional department. For communicating, reporting information to one another the use of the Internet and telecommunication enables better communication channels. For communication to take place via e-mail within a department, employees have meetings with their superior or senior managers. From here senior managers have meetings with their superior, until all information has been reported to Administration and to staff who have access to all. The use of data capability provides the means to deliver the enriched content that drives development of new services. The uses of telecommunication networks are therefore undergoing fundamental changes: they are converting from circuit switched to packet switched IP connectivity and from single purpose networks facilitating mainly voice transmissions to multi- service networks supporting various voice and non- voice interactions and applications. ...read more.


Nokia has a grapevine, which communicates information informally through personal contact between employees both vertically and horizontally throughout the organisation. This gives the staff a great way of communicating information to the workforce quickly as this operates by word of mouth. This also gives the opportunity for project managers depending on the feedback generated, to modify their intentions before the formal announcement. Internal. Nokia use their own technology to communicate with one and another. Especially the use of teleconferencing, which enables employees to communicate across the world through the use of a computer, generated board. This allows board meetings to take place wherever the employees are situated. Also through the use of the Internet and IP (Internet Providers) services the company can also send important bulletin messages or company newsletters through the use of e-mail, or even there own chat room for employees to relate information to one another. When Nokia communicate with others, like externally: customers and clients, suppliers, local and National European authorities etc. Nokia either relates to the customers directly in person, or over a help line. Sending newsletter to customers, clients and shareholders. Or even posting them letters to answer their questions or complaints. With the local and European authorities, business is mainly done in person, as the company Nokia do not want to jeopardise any relations with the authorities, so communication must be done through formal channels. ...read more.


Therefore the majority of these new developments will be integrated into the work area and also aiding them into producing newer products. Bringing success to an objective of bringing more revenue to the shareholders. 3.6j The use of Technology in production: Technology has advanced to a point where machines or robots can assemble nearly anything. Nokia have taken the new technology opportunities into advancing their efficiency and quality of their products. With still using both production methods of batch production and assembly line, Nokia have the latest in robotic machines that can assemble mobile phones on the assembly line. Each robot has their own tasks to for fill over and over again. Also to produce the parts, machinery has the scam tics of the latest mobile phone design and then are produced in a batch of 10-20 using either injection moulding as the majority of Nokia's products are plastic or made out of metal. 3.6k The 3rd Generation vision: Nokia believes broadband access plays an integral role in creating a truly mobile information society requiring advanced networks for evolving IP services. Nokia provides a complete portfolio of solutions and products for both fixed and wireless broadband access, as well as a clear path to cost-efficiency transition your existing network to take full advantage of the IP (Internet Providers like Netscape, Bt Internet) world; the Nokia global network of customer service experts will be there to help plan, build, maintain and manage broadband access network, fixed or wireless, or both. ...read more.

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