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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3451

Observing Interactions between carers and clients

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Observing Interactions between carers and clients Introduction My assignment is spilt into two tasks which is designed to allow me to draw upon a variety of communication skills that I have studied and role-played in class and then apply these skills efficiently whilst on work experience, In my first task I will be interacting with both clients and carers in either a health and social care or early years setting, I am required to observe and critically evaluate the one-to-one communication skills of carers and also my one-to-one communication skills during the two weeks of my work experience placement. I will need to record my daily oberservations of good (appropriate) and poor (inappropriate) communication in a reflective diary (which will be handed in for assignment. Task 1 I am required to provide a detailed and descriptive conversational log of separate interactions between carers and clients that I have observed during my work experience placement. I will need to focus on my observations on both verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication: these may include some of the following: * Listening skills * Tone of voice * Facial expressions * Proximity * Questioning * Eye contact * Body posture * Appearance * Touch * Prompting * Conveying warmth I will need to describe, in detail how carers used their communication skills effectively to respect and value their clients. I will need to support my explanations with practical examples of dialogue of how clients were addressed; given choices; allowed to express themselves; responded to as individuals and respected. Description of the care setting For my two weeks on work experience I went to a primary school, for the first week I was put in the Reception and then in the second week I worked in the nursery. Altogether there were seven properly trained teachers and one trainee in the Reception and then there were nine properly trained teachers in the Nursery and three trainees. ...read more.


This is very important because it showed her clients that she respects them and that she is authentically interested in what they have to say in relative to their needs. Saiqa translated everything she said in Punjabi to those children who didn't understand her in English; this is another use of communication skill that she used effectively as it showed her clients that she respected their needs. I also thought that Siaqa Was really good at making eye contact with the person she was talking to, making eye contact with the clients showed that she was focusing all her thoughts on what her client had to say, it also stimulated trust, and conveyed a sense of interest and warmth. For example * She faced the client who was talking and maintained eye contact. * She was thoughtful yet relaxed, * She kept an open mind. * She listened to the words and tried to picture what the client was saying * She did not look out the window, look down or gaze around the room looking as though she was bored. I didn't see any weaknesses within Saiqa the only weakness that I saw was that she used non-verbal communication towards her clients, this was shown when she folded her arms when listening to her clients, this might have given the impression to her clients that she was being defensive and didn't want to communicate with them, even though her clients might have not understood what she was doing as they were only 5yr olds, and maybe she might have not realised what she was doing as it might be a habit to her, but it clearly gave me the impression that she was being defensive. Saiqa can improve on her communication skills by making sure that she does not fold her arms when listening or speaking to someone. Other than that, she should stick to her good communication skills and make sure that she does not lose any of them in the future. ...read more.


For example she didn't look around or gaze at something when communicating with her clients. Claire's body posture was good as she didn't slouch or turn away from her clients who she was communicating with, she smiled and nodded to illustrate that she was listening to them. This is very important because it shows the clients that she respects them and that she is genuinely interested in what they have to say in relative to their needs. Claire showed very good active listening skills as she looked at her client who was talking to her and nodded her head to show that she was listening to them and also tracked the speaker with her eyes. One weakness that I saw within Claire was that she sometimes sat there with a sort of sad/worried expression on her face as well as chewing her thumb at the same time; this gave the impression to me that she had lots of maybe family or work related problems that were stuck in her head, by showing her worried look to her clients made her clients feel sad aswell, this was shown when a conversation took place between Majid and Claire. Claire: (Worried look on her face). Majid: (comes along with a sad expression on his face) Miss why are you saaaaad? Claire: Majid what makes you say that? Majid: well your face looks a bit like this (does an expression of her face). This conversation shows that because Claire was sad it made one of her client's sad to. Claire can improve on her communication skills by not coming into work all tensed and worried, she should try and leave her worries at home if meditation helps she should do some just before she comes to work which will help her concentrate and keep her clients feeling happy. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mehreen Khan- Carl Phipps unit 2 ...read more.

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