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OCR GCSE Business & Communication Task 5a Report

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To: Amanda Barfoot From: Ben Hardware Date: 12th November 2008 Re: Recruit Me Agency Annual Report This is the Recruit Me Agency annual Report, including job percentages and employee notifications regarding jobs positions from 1997. Percentages Seeking Different Types Of Work Type Of Work 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 To Date Retail 36% 34% 52% 55% 58% Clerical 27% 24% 28% 33% 34% Production 18% 15% 6% 7% 2% Entertainment 9% 15% 5% 2% 3% Bar Work 10% 12% 9% 3% 3% Averaging in 1997, Retail work opportunities have managed to increase and stabilize into the working environment by steadily increasing from the stationary format in 1997-1998 of 34-36%. Now at increasingly high percentages, Retail jobs have enjoyed their best progress from 2001 onwards as they fluctuated a 58% percentage of working jobs, steadily increasing from 1999. Reasons as to why the Retail industry as established such a high increase in population can relate to the increase of personal wages, concluding to people exploiting the market. ...read more.


After this surge however, high salaries were needed as we can see the sudden increase of Clerical positions to this date. However, Clerical industries can ensure a low pay for employee's, such as filing clerks etc. The Entertainment businesses continue to deteriorate as their figures show from 1998 they have suffered a 12% decrease is employees, whilst still managing to decline in figures in consecutive years. This decline however started with an increase as in 1997 they had a 6% increase of employee's from their original 9%. The Entertainment industry has declined due to the increasing demand for home Entertainment. Due to our advancing technology, we are able to equip our homes with advanced sources of entertainment. This may include gaming consoles, HD televisions, Laptops and many mechanisms which were not available when the Entertainment industry was at a high. Since their decline in employee's, families have also suffered from departures, divorces, or family affairs which has a knock on effect towards the Entertainment industry as families are nowadays less wanting to spend money out of the house to entertain themselves. ...read more.


This sudden increase in knowledge as meant clients now want a high paid, respectful job. Bar work however provides a low key, low wage environment, un-advert sable towards clients in today's modern environment. Concluding my report, I am now able to establish the significant markets which would provide a maximised profit into my business. These industries consist of Retail and Clerical jobs which have clearly shown a high increase in employee population, meaning, I am able to focus on specific audiences without wasting time or money on un-needed types of work. To maximise profit, I have to ensure I am focusing on the most profitable industries which would help to increase the business's overall profits. By realising the most popular demand of working jobs, I am able to focus advertisements entirely on Retail and Clerical audiences, this can then help to ensure I am bringing in or attracting a highly successful audience which will help to support my company's finances. ...read more.

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