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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 18960

OCR GCSE Business & Communication Task 7 Report

Extracts from this document...


Task 7 Reports Task 1a: Logo Software: The software I used was Adobe Fireworks CS3. I used Fireworks because it offered a wide range of tools and textures. For my logo to stand out and be able to have anything it required I had to use this programme. I also have a lot of background use and knowledge of this programme, which meant I could use it more efficiently and effectively. Other programmes such as Photoshop or Microsoft Word do not offer such tools and would degrade my logo altogether. I could have used a variety of programmes such as Photoshop or Freehand, these are both programmes, which could have fulfilled my requirement, but lack in certain tools and effects. These programme lack in quality tools and would overall reduce the professionalism of my work. Photoshop offers tools for changing and editing pictures, this is not suitable as my logo had to be original and have new ideas published into it. Freehand does not suit the needs of my task as it is based upon opposite targets of my logo. My logo had to be original and incorporate a lot of professional and advert sable ideas and I think using these programmes, I would not be able to achieve these targets. I am confident I used the right programme, as 'Adobe Fireworks' is very effective in creating new ideas and adding personal preferences towards it. It also has a wide range of colour effects and variety of tools. To be able to use Fireworks gives me more ability and freedom to create a logo, which is entirely my design, and plan. To use different software would mean I would be working within the programme and having to adapt my logo towards the programmes abilities. This would suspend me of improving my logo or making it truly what I had planned. Problems: I experienced numerous problems within my logo. ...read more.


If I made this unprofessional mistake I could be sending out client information to unauthorized viewers which can then lead to blackmail, fraud or a bad corporate image upon my company. I must also ensure I am thoroughly checking all my emails to ensure they are complying with my companies standards and are informing clients of all needed information. My letters which are sent out must remain consistent amongst the companies advert sable range. This means my work is remaining consistent and coherent towards other pieces of work which can then show professionalism and promote my corporate image. I ensured I was remaining ethically pleasing by satisfying customer needs, such as, true information, correct addresses in my client database and to be able to fully supply any needs for my client. Social Issues: Whilst completing the mail merge I must ensure I am understanding that my clients are not receiving a personal letter, lowering their importance and causing maybe unnecessary conflict. By using mail merge instead of phone or hand written letters, I continue to impersonalize my clients letters which may become socially unpleasing. I can ensure my clients remain satisfactory by making my mail merged letters as approachable and personal as possible whilst still approaching a wide audience. I can remain socially pleasing by ensuring my letters include no small print which may confuse or cause misunderstanding towards my customers, which can also have an overall negative image upon the company. As a successful business I must also ensure I am able to attract a variety of audiences, including blind people or visually impaired clients. I can minimise the loss of customers by attracting all varied clients by introducing brail into my letters or by simplifying the language used in the letter. This can also be done by using a readability check to ensure I am aiming at a wide audience for all audiences and all literacy levels. ...read more.


Another method of security is encryption. This process consists of information being altered and changed so, when transferred to the internet, can be secure from hackers to see the correct information. This form of code is called 'cipher' text, and incorporates a code name or number being used at an alternating location, to resemble the 'cipher' text into the correct form. Another problem with securing my website is the opportunity of incoming email's to have virus's attached to them. I have to therefore ensure I am filtering any unauthorized emails and scanning all incoming responses. This will therefore help my company remain harmless, efficient and effective as I am not wasting time in checking or deleting emails. I can also reassure clients that I have received the appropriate email by using auto-responses which can help with interaction with the client, and can help to indicate my company's professionalism and efficiency. I can further ensure clients are able to trust my company's website by including a safe web browser and URL aswel as using padlocks. I can also use often reminders of my company's use of security features to reiterate my company's commitment to securing client's safety. Conclusion By following all the laws associated with every task, I can get a better understanding of the society, aswel as produce a report which is ethical towards all standards of the public. It is also important to follow the appropriate laws, as not following them can result in imprisonment, fines and a degradable image upon my company. To respect all levels of society means that only the society itself will benefit. As I understand the moral, social and ethical issues involved I am able to acknowledge all forms of difficulties which are related to every task in my coursework. This can then overall help to produce a tolerant society, aswel as help the public respect businesses and understand how many issues are involved in all my tasks. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Task 7 Report Business & Communication Systems ...read more.

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