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OCR National - Evaluation of Website

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1. Suitability for purpose: It was met as it will be obviously decipherable by the user. The main theme of the website is based around the environment and such is shown by the theme/house-style used. The purpose of my website was to make others more aware of environmental issues and this was covered clearly and linked to from the 'Equipment' page for every piece of recycling equipment. Another purpose of the website is to allow those who do not already own any of those pieces of equipment to easily acquire it - this was engaged with the viewer by using a different, larger font size which, when clicked on, will link the user to an external website. The final purpose of the website is to make youngsters aware of global issues and how these can be assuaged. This purpose was successfully communicated by the use of simple words, images and an animation, aiding understand. 2. Suitability for audience: The likely audience of the website is diverse. Some of those may be randomly browsing to see if there is anything is interesting, others may want to find out more on how to use their recycling equipment, others want aid in ordering this equipment and, finally, an audience may even be youngsters. ...read more.


and looks more formal when is not bold. Language used throughout the website is simple-moderate. There are not many descriptions, those are replaced with text-tables, images and animations to aid easier understanding, pertain interest and support the 'user-friendliness', which users can comment on in the form. 4. Usability: Navigation is consistent throughout all pages. 'Forward' and 'Backward' buttons are implemented into each page according to whether they are needed or not. They link a page to another page, in priority/chronological order. For example, the Homepage links users to the 'Equipment' page, where they can either click each individual hotspot to their desired location or could merely click 'Next' until they get there. For those who are not keen on persistent clicking can use the navigation bar. If a person wanted to, say, go to 'The Black Bin' page without having to go to the 'Equipment' page and clicking can hover over 'Equipment' on the navigation bar, highlighting 'The Black Bin' and clicking. The navigation components are clearly sized for users to see and recognise. Highlighting of hyperlinks is automatically used to aid users for 'clicking there'. ...read more.


and the reasons for such choices * From visiting internet websites so much, I had a firm idea about whether my website was actually looking like one or something else, like a Newsletter, for example * From previous practice assignments/tutorials, I had prior experience with the web-design software used, WebPlus 10, before undertaking the assignment. Weaknesses: * Some pages do look as if they have been rushed as they do not contain much 'activity' * Viewers may not understand why different font colours, other than green, like blue, have been used when it does not fit the general house-style. I could have made these 'inconsistencies' more decipherable. * Using tables for some of the components did not fit in well as different images were of different sizes. This often over-squashed images, distorting general readability. * There was some wasted space which I couldn't effectively fill in with more components. This should encourage me to plan with greater precision next time. * More interactivity could have been applied to the website by the use of video and/or background sound * User-form could have been linked to in more ways to encourage user feedback. ?? ?? ?? ?? Riyadh Abdulla 11J4 AO7 - Website Evaluation OCR National L2, Unit 2 ...read more.

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