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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2632

OCR Nationals Unit 21 - Task 8

Extracts from this document...


AO5: Create an advertising banner Task 8 - Creating the advertising banner After sketching the advertising banner on Microsoft Word I will now create an actual one using Macromedia Flash Mx. SRL would like me to create an Advertising banner as it is a popular form of advertising on the World Wide Web. I will have to make the banner look attractive and eye catching as I want many users to use the offer for themselves as this causes success for SRL as more people will be attracted to the company which is what SRL wants. Their will be a link on the banner so that users can have access to more information about the offer being offered. An advertising banner can just be a still image, but the one that I will create will not be still, as it will be animated in order to maximize presence. House Style Colour Scheme These are the colours that will be used on the graphics because they are easy and simple. They are not too harsh or bright but at the same time they are not boring. It will give the graphics a professional look therefore giving the company a good corporate image. This is important because the user will in turn feel that the company is trustworthy. Blue, Black, and Red Text I will use the Arial font as it is the most common font used on the Text of Professional websites and it is just simple, and basic and is not really too hard to read. ...read more.


I then dragged the Shuttle Picture from the library onto the advertising banner just like I did to the the Space picture. I placed the shuttle at the top of the banner as I decided to make it fly downwards on the banner, but first I had to rotate the whole shuttle 180 degrees so that it can be pointing downwards. I done this by right clicking on it and then clicking on Rotate and Skew. Doing this allowed me to rotate it and after I did, all that was left for me to do, was to make it move on the banner. Just like with the Space Picture, I controlled the duration of the movement of the shuttle by using the Timeline. I decided for the shuttle to move downwards for 13 frames, and I actually made it happen by clicking on the 13th frame and then pressing F6 at the top of the keyboard. I knew that it was done finely as the grey bar went up to the 13th frame as I wanted. I done this on the Shuttle Layer as it is in that layer that contains the shuttle. Now I have to make the shuttle move from the top to the the bottom of the advertising banner as I planned. On the first frame I made sure that the shuttle was at the top. Now on the last frame (13th frame) I right clicked on it and then clicked on Insert Keyframe as shown in the screenshot. ...read more.


I have to make it a hyperlink in order for people to click on it. I do this by selecting the text on Flash and then clicking on Behaviours at the bottom. After doing so, you have to click on the little plus sign before clicking on Web and then on Go to Wepage. After doing this, a window will come up, so that you can enter the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for the text to be linked to. This is the window that will come up for me to type in the URL adress for the 'Book Now Link'. Then I click on OK, for it to be applied. I then checked whether the link would work, by previewing it by clicking on Ctrl and Enter on the Keyboard. After adding the 'Book Now' link, I had finished the whole advertising banner. I then published the file so that it can be a Shockwave Flash Object (SWF.) I have to do this so that once I insert it into my webpage on frontpage, it will be a read-only file, which disables a website visitor to edit anything on it. Before publishing my file, I have to make sure that it will be saved as a SWF file by clicking on file and then on Publish Settings. After doing that, a window will come up, and I should select Flash (SWF.) After I finshed publishing it, I opened up the .SWF file to check whether it was ok. Here Is my finished advertising banner ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 21 - Creating Computer Graphics for the WWW AO5 Name: Jason Ngandu Candidate Number: 3679 Centre Number: 12121 ...read more.

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