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"Of all the supermarkets that offer shopping online, it is more expensive to buy an average 'basket' of groceries from Sainsbury."

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Hypothesis "Of all the supermarkets that offer shopping online, it is more expensive to buy an average 'basket' of groceries from Sainsbury." Aim It was the aim of this project to compare, using statistical techniques, the prices of typical 'baskets' of groceries that can be bought from supermarkets offering a service via the internet. Design & Planning This study was designed to deal with an everyday subject that would be of use to the reader and myself. Its results would be useful particularly for people with limited mobility, for example, because the sample of supermarkets chosen offer a delivery service. I decided to gather my data from shops online as it was important that the data was easy to access, as I had to gather it in a limited amount of time. It would have taken me much more time if I visited the actual shops. When planning my investigation, I made myself a timetable so that I knew I would have sufficient time to gather my data but also be left with time to analyse it and present my findings. Identification of Data The samples chosen were: * Supermarkets selling groceries online - I used 'Google.com' to search for relevant supermarkets. ...read more.


�1.19 �0.99 �1.09 Washing up liquid 500ml �0.49 �0.60 �0.65 �0.65 Frozen peas 907g �0.97 �0.84 �0.97 �1.15 Frozen fish fingers x10 �1.14 �1.19 �1.29 �1.69 Corn flakes 500g �0.47 �0.86 �0.79 �0.47 Washing Powder 30washes �2.69 �3.58 �3.99 �2.98 Tinned Tomatoes 400g �0.11 �0.26 �0.25 �0.36 Brown Sauce 250g �0.49 �0.55 �0.55 �0.69 Tinned Spaghetti 400g �0.27 �0.34 �0.29 �0.41 Delivery Price �5.24 �5.00 �5.00 �0.00 TOTAL: �29.10 �33.24 �32.73 �33.80 These are the most expensive prices of each item: TESCO WAITROSE SAINSBURY ICELAND Medium Sliced White Bread 800g �0.76 �0.65 �1.12 �0.79 Skimmed Pasteurised Milk 1.136Ltr �0.54 �0.54 �0.54 �0.58 6 Medium Eggs �1.79 �1.35 �1.39 �0.99 225g Bacon Rashers �2.49 �2.79 �2.59 �1.14 500g Granulated Sugar �0.39 �0.65 �0.39 �0.26 1.5kg Plain Flour �0.72 �0.94 �0.79 �0.73 250g Butter �1.39 �1.44 �1.09 �0.79 80 Teabags �2.59 �2.29 �2.59 �2.09 200g Instant Coffee Granules �3.41 �3.99 �4.99 �2.89 200g Milk Chocolate �0.82 �0.92 �0.92 �1.03 420g Baked Beans �0.33 �0.65 �0.52 �0.36 Toothpaste 100ml �3.99 �2.98 �3.15 �1.59 Complete Dry Dog Food 2.5kg �6.49 �5.98 �3.29 �2.69 Shampoo 300ml �2.99 �2.98 �3.49 �2.39 Women's Body Spray 75ml �2.29 �2.59 �1.99 �2.15 Tomato Ketchup 570g �0.74 �1.09 �1.29 �1.09 Yoghurts x4 �1.65 �1.48 �1.99 ...read more.


dearest 'basket', but when one looks at the average prices, Sainsbury comes up as one of the most expensive (second to Iceland). When deciding whether I have proved or disproved my hypothesis, one has to take into account what type of shopper one is. A budget buyer, buying all the cheapest options, or a premium buyer, buying the expensive options, might do well shopping online at Sainsbury, whereas someone who tends to be a mixture of the two, would do better shopping elsewhere. The delivery charge is greatly significant as it masks the fact that Iceland's prices were rather costly compared with others. That is the price of ordering food from the Internet though. If one were to compare the prices of groceries bought straight from the shop, we would see a big difference as the delivery price is, in one case, around 18% of the overall price. I was fortunate, as I didn't encounter many problems during my investigation. I do, however, think it would have been better if there were a greater variation of prices. Some of the prices were nearly the same and I think it would have been better if there were more of a variation for me to comment on. ...read more.

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