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One of the most tools provided by Microsoft Access is the ability to keep specific data in tables. Hence, I will use the table to create lists of accommodation from a certain criteria.Microsoft Access allows the

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Software Selection, Task 3 I have chosen the software Microsoft Access 2003 and Microsoft Word 2003 to do my Task 3 in. There are many facilities within Microsoft Access and Microsoft Word which will aid me to do this task. In task 3, I am asked by Stuart to do several things. Stuart is having problems with printing lists of particular types of accommodation for people who have sent him a letters asking for bed and breakfasts with four doubles. He wants me to create a system so he can find the right accommodation for each request. He wants me to create a list of accommodation using data from a file he has provided. One of the most tools provided by Microsoft Access is the ability to keep specific data in tables. Hence, I will use the table to create lists of accommodation from a certain criteria. Microsoft Access allows the ability to import files from other folder/files on the computer. This is an immense advantage as it saves huge amounts of time in having to type everything from scratch. ...read more.


When the query is run a dialog box will appear asking you to enter a parameter value for the phrase you put in brackets for the criteria, which was for a particular field, in the query design grid. The value you enter is passed to the query as the parameter. This will show the query to the value one entered for the phrase in the dialog box. This is the type of system Stuart wants so he can enter the value of a field and a list of that field will appear as a query, (this means for the first part he can search bed and breakfast with four doubles). Access also allows one to create reports. Reports enable queries to be printed and presented in a much neater and professional looking style, although there are no dividing lines (except dividing the field titles and the query data, and dividing the page information and the query data), all the information is equally spaced out so that it is clear and easy on the eyes to read, both when seen on the screen and when printed out. ...read more.


I decided to use Microsoft Word to aid me in this mini-task as it has the option to create a mail merge. This means I can link up a database to a document (a letter in my case) which I will be sending to multiple people. I will create a query in Microsoft Access to find out the addresses of the hotels with 25 or more double rooms. I will then import the letter from the Lancre Festival file (Word also allows one to import files; another good feature which I will use). After importing the file I will use mail merge to gain the data from the query I produced earlier on. The main reason for me to choose Microsoft Word was as it has the facility to use mail merge; something I must do as Stuart wants me to for creating the letter). Some other features of Word that may help me but are not necessary are, one is able to change the colour of the font and the font itself and use bold, italics etc. These features will be helpful as I could use them to make the letter look professional, something Stuart probably would want. By Adil Iqbal 4LC ...read more.

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