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Opening the database

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OPENING THE DATABASE To open the database Microsoft Access will need to be opened. The program needs to be opened first in order to access the actual database file. Microsoft Access will either have an icon or will be found under start and then programs. In order to open the database, opening an existing database needs to be selected. If the database is not on the list of existing database then "more files" needs to be clicked on, followed by ok. Once the file has been selected from the relevant folder or user space the database can be opened. In the case of this database, the file was found under my user space and in my IT GCSE coursework folder. When the database has been opened a main menu will be found. This allows the user to easily navigate around the database. The Peterson's main menu shows the separate headings, which make it easier for the user to understand. ...read more.


The images above show some of the examples of drop down windows in the form. The arrow button can be clicked on and the required data can be chosen from the list or it can be typed in. However, the data will only be entered if the data being typed in matches one of the words in the list. * In some cases the data may not be in the list or a length check may be programmed to be too short. Therefore this will need to be edited. To do this the form can be closed by selecting "close form." The correct table needs to be opened and the design view button needs to be selected. To add another choice to the drop down menu, the correct field needs to be selected, for example "Title." If the option Master was not in there, it could be added by typing "Master" in the box labelled row source. * The user can then type information in the empty boxes. ...read more.


By clicking right clicking on the grey space next to the record not only brings up a menu with a list of commands, but also high lights the record in question. Then to delete the record the "delete record" button needs to be selected. * Microsoft Access then asks if you are sure that you want to delete this record, because it will be unable to undo the operation performed. This is to prevent records from accidentally being deleted. * In order to delete more than one record without having to do the above process several times, the following steps can be taken. The datasheet view should be selected, by right clicking on the form. The appropriate records that need to be deleted can be selected by clicking on the grey bar for the record and then holding the shift key. Then click the last record that needs to be deleted. This will then highlight all the records that need to be deleted. Still holding the shift key down, the information can be right clicked on and then delete records can be selected. ...read more.

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