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Outlin of an ICT project for a hairdressing business.

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ICT Coursework- Mrs Muman The Hair Studio has recently opened in the local Sutton Coldfield neighbour hood. The Salon has been open for the past 6 months. This new Hair salon has a variety of products that it sells, such as hair and care product to enhance the hair and improve it also it has a selection of professionals that cut and do re-styling of the hair. The salon has been experiencing many problems in the past couple of months since it has opened. All the customer details have been stored in filing cabinets. The disadvantages of having the information of the customers stored in filing cabinets are that the cabinets take up space and too much room of the salon which may cause some inconvenience. ...read more.


The salon needs to advertise their business since it is new to the local area and they could do this by putting up poster and other methods such as making leaflets. The opening hours of the shop should be put on the salon door so the people are aware of the opening hours of the hair salon. I am an ICT specialist and I have been approached by the Hair Studio salon business and they have asked me to design an ICT solution which is a new system that will help salon to hopefully function more smoothly. This new ICT system that I will give the hair salon will help the business become more organised and can handle the client?s data more efficiently. ...read more.


The system will be able to save and store the records of each client who comes to the hair salon frequently, and this will make it easier for the details to be handled by a member of staff. To make the information organised in a professional style I can make columns for the ICT system such as Name, Surname, Address, telephone/mobile number this will go under the personal details section and the other section will be where all the appointments will be booked in the appointment booking system. This will help the salon manage the details in an organised manner and there will be secure. By Samia Ahmed 10T/GA ...read more.

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