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Outline the process which is needed for mail merging a document to a class about an upcoming concert.

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Shaun Whorton Q - Outline the process which is needed for mail merging a document to a class about an upcoming concert. Step 1 Before the mail merge can take place, you first need to create your main bulk of the letter, i.e. what the school outing will be, where it will be held and so on. Entering names and addresses won't be necessary, as this is where mail merge comes in handy. Step 2 Select the mail merge option in the letters and mailings options, located in the Tools menu. A side menu will appear at the side of the application. This is the mail merge wizard. First we must select Letters, and click next. ...read more.


A box will appear in Word; it is the address list, which looks like this - Because we won't need all the fields automatically selected by default by Word, we must customise the address list. Step 5 When we click Customise, this box appears - Highlight the fields we won't be needing (Title, Company Name, Country, Phone Numbers, E-Mail addresses) and click remove. It will look like this... We can now start entering our fields. Step 6 Click OK, and we will get the chance to enter the details of a pupil who the letter will be sent to. It should look something like this - To enter a new pupil, click New Entry. ...read more.


Point the curser after the word 'Dear', then enter the First and last names of the pupil from the address box. The names will then appear beside the word 'Dear'. You can preview each entry by clicking the arrow in the wizard box to the right of the document: Once we are happy with where the field names are, we can then proceed to the final step of the merge. Step 8 Click the 'Complete Merge' button. This will print off all the letters with the same content, apart from the first and last names will be edited with each of the pupil's names. The merge is now complete. To create envelopes with the pupils address on, follow the previous steps, apart from Step one - select envelopes instead of letters, and follow the same process. Shaun Whorton 12BY ...read more.

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