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Payments Spreadsheet task. - formulas and fomatting

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Spreadsheet Assignment B3 1) Introduction a) Choice of application:- > The applications required in this task are Excel, Word and Internet. . The three applications are suitable because they have particular features such as excel has features like validation, conditional formatting, formatting cells which allow you to change cells into a particular function for example currency, percentage also alignment of the text , font, borders , patterns etc. These features make your spreadsheet more efficient and accurate they make it easier for you to record results with ease also to keep a record which is up to date. The application Word is suitable because it has good features like word art, word count, spell check etc. These features are necessary to write report to make sure no spelling mistakes, certain amount of words (no overwriting), good titles and right structured into paragraphs, and most of all the feature of re-reading through your work. The internet explorer is needed to obtain data and this would require website and search engines where you need to search and collect websites from where data was obtained. All these applications are required in the two tasks. ...read more.


These three websites were used throughout my search to get the data. These websites were used to search the adult price and was later than calculated into the child's price, by working out 80% of it. This price enabled me to calculate all the other costs, averages throughout the spreadsheet. The data attained is located at the end of the report, showing all the prices of flights which I have received from the websites that I used during this assignment. b) Description of formula used:- There are three types of formula used in this spreadsheet one of them were used to calculate the total cost for 5 staff and 50 children, the other was used to workout the average cost per pupil and finally a formula was used to calculate the cost of per child. For the total cost you simply multiply the number of people by the cost of the ticket. So for the total cost for children you multiply the cost per child by 50 because there are 50 children and this will give you the total cost for children and the same goes for total cost of 5 staff but instead of multiplying by 50 you multiply by 5. ...read more.


Once you have selected the type of format you want to use then click ok and to test if your conditional formatting is working then type any invalid data which exceeds the type data your have set in those cells, and you will be able to see that conditional formatting highlights that data into that colour. Protection:- o The way to protect sheet is to lock all cells by clicking on the top left hand corner which is allocated before the title of the column A, it is a point where the rows and column start. Then select cells which you want to protect and right click this will take you to a couple of options and where you will see and option called format cells, click on that and go on the last tab which says Protection, unlock the cells and click ok. After go on the title at the top which says tool click and you will see a option called protection then click again and go on protect sheet heading, after that you will have two options selected but unselect the option which says 'select locked cells' and click ok with only one option left which is 'select unlocked cells' and finally click ok. Now you have your spreadsheet protected. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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