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Payroll system

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Task Description I have been assigned by Paul Richie to solve a problem he has. The situation is that he owns a new nightclub called Razamataz which is located in the Kings Cross area of London and has been running for 3 months now. The nightclub is aimed at young people at the ages 20 - 25. The club opens from Wednesdays to Sundays between the times 9pm to 5am. The club's capacity is big enough to hold 500 people and when full requires 8 staff behind the bar. Paul divides shifts into 4hr blocks, some staff work for the full eight hrs. At present there are 12 staff and Gerry Smithz draws up a rota at the beginning of each week. ...read more.


Staffs do sometimes lose their payslips, so Gerry then has to recalculate the whole payslip. In addition to theses problems Gerry faces, he has to write up a new rota each week by hand, and it is difficult to balance up the number of staff across the shifts allocated. The paper rota also gets very messy when staffs swap their shifts. Solution Advantages Disadvantages A manual system Does not crash, can be handwritten Easier to lose and very messy Word Processing Faster than manual system and neater, easier to keep backups on cd-roms etc, word is quite simple to use Could crash and lose work, could lose all work if you don't save Spreadsheet More set out and organised, could easy do all rotas and if change can change rotas easily Can only make ...read more.


If Gerry did this, he would take half the amount of time using his system. If any staffs happen to lose their payslip, Gerry could bring up the saved amount and get another payslip. Specification * The rota must be clear and should be easy to make alterations if needed. * It must be easy to reproduce a payslip if any of the staff happen to lose their copy of the payslip * The new system must calculate pay easily and produce a pay slip for staff including: pay rate, hours worked/shifts each night, deductions for tax (10%) and National Insurance (5%) and a final amount paid. * The system needs to produce a bar chart showing how much each employee has earned during the week. ...read more.

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