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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2229

PC input devices - advantages and disadvantages.

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Input Devices Keyboard Page 3 Mouse Page 4 Touch Pad Page 5 Tracker Ball Page 6 Joystick Page 7 Video Digitizer Page 8 Digital Camera Page 9 Scanner Page 10 Remote Control Page 11 Magnetic Stripe Reader Page 12 Sound Sensor Page 13 Mild Instrument Page 14 This useful device is one of the main and most commonly used input devices. This device is attached to the computer and is used for writing on the computer. The typical keyboard used by most people is the 'QWERTY' keyboard. It is called 'QWERTY' as these are the first letters in the first row. There are newer keyboards with different designs but most people are familiar with the 'QWERTY' keyboard. A man called Sholes in 1878 developed this keyboard layout. It was originally developed for the typewriter but now is the standard layout for the computer. There are four main parts to a keyboard and they are the main keyboard, numeric keypad, cursor keys and function keys. An advantage Most computers have this device attached to it and a skilled typist can enter data very quickly. A disadvantage It can be very time consuming to enter data this way, especially if you have not had much practice at typing. It could also cause cramps in the fingers. The mouse is the most common pointing device. ...read more.


This kind of technology is done with the aid of computer hardware. Video digitiser come in colour and it also can capture moving video sequences as well as stil images. An advantage Allows us to capture real life images which are often more appropriate than drawing. A disadvantage A fast computer with a large memory capacity is required to cope with a large amount of data involved. A digital camera is used in the same way as an ordinary camera and it even looks like an ordinary camera but it has many different qualities. Digital cameras don't use film like the ordinary camera but they use loads if light sensors built inside it. Once a picture has been taken the light sensors is used to input the photo on a screen on the cameras back. This photo now can be stored in the cameras RAM or saved on to a floppy disc. It can even be transferred on to a computer. Using a graphics package the image can be transferred on to a computer for editing. This means you could change the background colour of the photo, replace one person's head with another person's head. Digital cameras relatively cheaply but these kind of cameras don't have good picture quality. ...read more.


often produces very large data files. MIDI means Musical Instrument Digital Interface. This device uses musical instruments like keyboards, guitars and drums. These instruments send and receive electronic messages. If for example a musical keyboard is connected to a computer using a MIDI, then the musical information like a pitch can be stored into a computer but like sound sensor microphones has to be converted into digital format. The stored data can be sent back to the musical instrument to reproduce the signal sent to the MIDI is also used to allow different musical instruments, for example an electronic piano and a synthesizer to communicate and work together. Companies that use MIDI are companies such as the music industry. It uses MIDI to input music directly into a computer so that they can edit the music and even develop the music. The music industry often uses MIDI to mix sounds with other sounds, which are input from a sound sensor microphone. This is called remixing. An advantage Once the tune has been played on the musical instrument, all the details are held on the computer, these details may then be changed. It is possible to speed up the tune, slow it down or even make it sound like a completely different instrument. A disadvantage A musician is required to play the instrument to acquire the input, so some musical knowledge is required. 1 ...read more.

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