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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1880

Planning a spreadsheet database for a gun shop.

Extracts from this document...


Name: Haseeb Ali Choudary Candidate number: 3038 Center number: 11043 GCSE ICT spreadsheet coursework IDENTIFY Identifying the problem: My sister Lisa is the new manager of a small independent Gun shop located in Brighton, which is called BOOMtings it has been running for 10 years now and is a thriving business as any other shop in the market. This shop sells the latest guns at reasonable prices. BOOMtings have an acceptable amount of customers and the shop is earning a reasonable amount of money. Problem: The current system is manual and makes life difficult for my sister so I will be trying to fix it. As my Sister hired me to help out with the accounts, I have found some problems which are: finding the calculations of how many Guns they have, how many they sell over a period of time and the amount of profit or loss that was made weekly or monthly This problem is caused because my sister Lisa is completely unorganised and is always losing important files and scraps of paper, which means she has no idea of what is going on with the company's financial situation. Suggestions: As I am very advanced in software designing and accountancy, I am the best man for the job. I would say the best way to solve this problem is to get a laptop for my sister Lisa, so that we can get Microsoft excel or Microsoft access. ...read more.


* Paint for designing the logo. I have decided to go for Microsoft Excel due to the fact it stands out from the other, it is much more reliable and faster. The other software does not have the ability to story and calculate data unlike using the spreadsheet. Specification: A list of qualities that I want the final solution to have: * Fast. * Easy to us. * User friendly. * Accurate. * Tell the user if the stock is running out of items. * Tell the user about stock control such as items and prices. Security: The security on this system is that it should have and administrator account only for my sister Lisa to use. It should have another account for each member of the staff and all of these accounts should be password protected, password should have al least six letter and one numerical for security purposes. The security in the shop is tight and only staff members can get access to the room with the computer. Also for other reasons all information should be backed up on a USB every time system is updated. Data Flow Diagram: DESIGN Design: Test number Reason Data to be used in the test Expected results 1 Grammar Should all be corrected No grammar mistakes 2 Layout Should be according to plan Should be according to plan 3 Spelling check Running spell checker No spelling mistakes 4 Formulas All formulas work and make sense To make sure all the formulas work e.g. ...read more.


In general we are happy with the final product and found it easy to use. Thank you, you have been magnificent. Kind regards Ms Lisa Comments on Future Development and User Feedback I have considered the feedback I received from the user and after further research would recommend the following development of the system in the future. I have found that in the Tools, Options facility of Excel, it is possible to tick an option box which stops all 0 values from being shown within the Workbook. If I were to shade the cells where data is to be entered using conditional formatting, the user could see those students who had not sat a particular assessment instead of seeing lots of zeros. If a student scored 0 in an assessment the cell would remain blank but no longer be shaded. I would like to develop the formulas within the workbook further, incorporating more 'If' and 'Iserror' functions so that cells would stay blank unless the formula within them was being used to perform an actual calculation. I have also realised since completing the project, that student details could be entered into other worksheets simply by targeting the cells where there details are already held. This would reduce the number of times the data would have to be entered. In future, it would be good if the students' details could be entered electronically from other records being kept within the school. I will suggest this to the end user. ?? ?? ?? ?? Haseeb Ali Choudary ICT GCSE SPREADSHEET COURSEWORK 2010 ...read more.

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