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Planning - database, website, logo for a football club.

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Problems to overcome Eccleshill United are a current football club that are looking for a totally new system to help run the club. These are a few problems to overcome. Employee's records I will be given the task to create a data handling system to show details of the entire employee's of the club. This will tell me their address and if they have any other jobs. It will also tell me how much they're paid each week. They should also work out the tax that needs to be paid and the National Insurance. This will also be able to produce payslips that will be paid to staff. Finance/Ticket prices records To overcome this problem I will have to create another data handling system. This will show the average incomes and out outgoings of the club on a regular basis. Mainly this will work out how much we need to charge for a ticket in order to make a profit. This will also show information about the sponsor and the kit supplier of the club. Publicity To publicise the club I will be making a web-site. This will give out information and advertise the club. ...read more.


.I will be linking the employer system with the web-site so this will need to be linked meaning ICT would be an easy way to do this. To create the payslips I will use a mail merge program. For the web-site I will choose a WYSIWYG application as it is What You See Is What You Get. These are easy to drag and drop things and it is easy to add logos. These applications are designed to make web-sites and they do not produce many errors. The other two can create errors as HTML is computer language and is hard to create and DTP's are not really designed for these tasks and they can lead to errors when converting to HTML. When I am creating the logo and kit I will use ICT. I will use a Vector graphics application to create the kit and logo. This sort of an application is designed to create big graphic files and they are easy to change things. It would be easier to use ICT than normal paper based as it is hard to change things and I would have to draw things all the time. ...read more.


E.G programmes, replica shirts etc. I will use about 5 main pages, with some more with player info depending on how many players will be at the club. The player pages will consist of all their details, previous clubs, height, squad number, stats, age etc. The 1st page will have the latest news; the 2nd will have fixtures, results and the table. It will also list the upcoming events. The 3rd page will have ticket and away travel information on, and the 5th will have a list of all the player's and staff with hyperlinks to all the player's own page. All the page's will consist of hyperlinks to each page. The finance system will need all the wages on it. I will need ticket prices, and prices for other data items sold at the club shop. This will also include national insurance and tax. It will have a total income price and a net profit column. The logo will need to be put onto the kit, stadium and all other systems and documents. The club sponsor will need to be added to the finance records and the kit. The logo will need the name of the club and the date the club started. The kit will need the logo, name and number and the sponsor logo and the kit supplier logo. ...read more.

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