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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2615

Planning- design a memo, letter and webpage for Capital FM.

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The Identify By Arun Bir 8H 11/26/2009 Langley Grammar School GSCE ICT COURSEWORK - Word Processing Project The Identify Introduction The name of my company I work for at the moment is "Capital FM". The person who owns the company is a man called George Mulalay. He works at the station making sure everything is satisfactory. The manager is known to me as he is an old school friend of my fathers. The Company is a radio station. They play music and every hour they will report the news. They also hold competitions and advertise companies. This is how we make most of our money. The company I work for has existed for three years next month on the 1st of November. The company is not a huge company; it's just not very small either. The rent we pay for our studio, where Capital FM is run, proves to be a huge financial demand. The address is "2 Clifford gardens, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 1NX. The company at present has seven employees, include the presenters and the cleaners. The company has a reasonable listening audience although more finances would help us to expand this clientele. The company is successful; it brings in enough money to pay off all the employees and allows the manager to make a profit. It is just not as extensive as the manager has hoped yet. I have been called into help advertise the company and help fix some of their ICT solutions. ...read more.


* To use this database data must be inputted into it. When the data has been inputted it will be stored in a database and that will be linked to the letter. * Once all the data has been input you must be able to change the person by the click of a button. * There must also be a date on the letter that updates every time the document opens. * The letter must have the same house style as the other documents. * Hopefully by using these ideas it will be a lot quicker for the company because you can click a button to change person instead of highlighting it, deleting it and then typing the new text. It will be a lot simpler and easier as well. Memo * The second thing George Mulalay wants created is a well deigned memo. This memo will be used to send to people to remind them of tasks. * This memo must have a feature that allows you to insert a piece of text like an instruction. When you click this feature it will highlight all the text for you. * To use this, all the end user will have to do is click the special feature and input his text. * This document is to be created as a document that creates a new copy of itself every time it is opened. * This will also have a date that updates every time the document is opened. ...read more.


If you forget to press save as and your document is not a template it will just override the current document. The automatic date and time field tool allows you to automatically update the date and time, if you click the update automatically tick box. Every time you open the document the date and time will have been updated. This is very useful if used on a template as a template opens a new copy every time so it will always keep updating the time. Fill-in fields with promote boxes saves you a lot of time. If you open a document, boxes will appear at you saying type of subject. Once you type it in and press ok, it will insert the text into your document where you chose it to be while you were creating it. Macro fill-in fields allow you to type something in, for example, "Type here". When you click the "type here" it will highlight all the text for you so it will save you highlighting the text and pressing delete. In conclusion, a word processing package would appear the most appropriate choice for the solution to this problem. Objectives * To create a well designed memo with macro buttons on it. * To create a well designed letter with a working mail merge on it. * To create a well deigned homepage with command buttons on it. * The macro buttons should highlight all of the text inside it once clicked. * The homepage must contain instructions and screenshots of the documents it opens. * The auto date must update every time the document is open. ?? ?? ?? ?? Arun Bir 8H ...read more.

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4 star(s)

**** A very nice clear introduction to a piece of corsework

Marked by teacher Ivor Borkin 22/04/2012

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