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Plot dot comI thought I was playing it smart, keeping up with the trend, surfing the inernet.I've always been a bit wary of the 'World Wide Web'. Ok, so I can send an e-mail

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Rry plot dot com I thought I was playing it smart, keeping up with the trend, surfing the inernet. I've always been a bit wary of the 'World Wide Web'. Ok, so I can send an e-mail half way around the world in the blink of an eye, but whose reading it? What if I dare to send a message with the word 'bomb' or 'terrorist' in it? Will it be chased up by the FBI or MI5 who will track my e-mail, intercept snail-mail and tail me until they're sure I'm not plotting to blow up the Whitehouse. Do I sound a little paranoid? Maybe you should pay a visit to Spynet.com that should make you wake up and smell the coffee. I once e-mailed a cyber-pal in Dallas, Texas telling him how I'd made a 'killing' at the dogs. I thought MI5 had put a tail on me after that, but it turned it to be some guy who happened to be taking the same route as me. I laugh about it now, but he looked terrified when I pulled him from his car at the lights. He thought it was road rage and kept saying 'I didn't see you, I didn't see you!' I should have known, undercover agents always drive a white or red coloured car, usually a Ford, this was a Blue Nissan Primera, not their style at all. ...read more.


instead.' 'I don't think you'll do that, au reviour.' Red was right, I didn't contact anybody. I impatiently installed the encryption software she'd sent me and got back on-line. Red was waiting. First, let me tell you a few things about you; your name is James Ronald McGee, you are 32 years old and single. You work in the credit recovery unit of a well known bank. You participate in solo competitive sports, hunt occasionally and have a keen interest in espionage and the space program. 'Congratulations, you hacked my e-mail.' 'Oh I did more than that, how else would I know that your bank balance is �343.17, or that you tried and failed to join the police force.' 'That was just rude.' 'I've just about had enough of this, who the hell are you?' 'It's not about who I am; it's about who you are, or more precisely, who you could be.' 'You're beginning to sound just a little crazy.' Red took my evasiveness as encouragement to go on, and maybe it was. 'The information you mistakenly received and then read, against my advice, was a plan for a hit. Nothing complicated, just pushing a mole in front of a train. Orange was meant to be carrying out this mission, but has gone underground. Your profile suggests that you might be suitable for recruitment; your initiation would be this mission. ...read more.


I squinted at the passport photograph, "Yes, that's her." Dougan leaned forward, 'No, that is Muriel Mercedes. She works at the Paris branch of your bank. You've been sending her e-mail, arranging to meet, and yesterday she deposited 20,000 francs in your account.' 'I don't know what you're talking about.' 'Well she does, she's in interrogation at the moment, telling of how you offered to 'take care' of her husband for 20,000 francs so that she could be with her lover.' He tossed the photograph of another woman onto the desk, 'It appears Muriel doesn't like men after all.' My head swam with confusion, 'but I've been telling you the truth! Look at me, do I really look like a hired hit man?' Dougant looked me over in consideration, 'I've seen stranger things.' He walked to a desk at the side of the room and switched off the tape recorder, 'I'll give you some time to think about it.' I was left alone with the guard. I started thinking over what had happened and the anger grow within me. Not at Red, Muriel, or whoever she was, but at that damn computer hooked up to the World Wide Web; giving every weirdo and con man access to the exposure of my home. I made a vow to myself there and then that if I ever got out I would take a sledgehammer to the damn thing and cut myself off forever. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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