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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4653

Portfolio Report - ICT and You

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Portfolio Report 1: ICT and You Amy Greetham 11X1 Portfolio Report 1: ICT and You Introduction My first report is about the way I make use of ITC. I shall give examples of my uses of ICT covering personal, social, home and school. I will explain how each of my examples is using ICT to meet a particular need. I will evaluate how well my needs are met through the use of ICT. I will evaluate weather the internet is the best way to do research for school work. I will also see if using e-mail for some school work always helpful. I will evaluate how well the technology I use meets my needs, both for personal and social uses, at home and at school. Home Personal I use the internet at home to research for my GCSE coursework because I have to find out a lot of background information in subjects like Information Technology and Business studies. It also helps in completing my homework. I sometimes use the internet at home for leisure time for things such as shopping online for the latest fashion or finding out the latest celebrity gossip on www.hellomagazine.com. The internet is a good tool for doing my research at home but it is not always easy to find what I am looking for. Sometimes the information is not even correct. Often it is best to use a book or a reference programme such as Encarta instead of the internet. I normally use www.google.com because it almost always gives me the correct information. Also you can use the just search the UK button and it just searches information on UK websites. I download mp3 files from online programmes like Kazzaa because it is a free service and very easy to use. I download them to play on my mp3 player. I search from a database with lots of songs and make a compilation to suit my personal tastes in music. ...read more.


The rights cover; broadcast and public performance, copying, adapting, issuing, renting and ending copies to the public. This basically means that I cannot sell or broadcast any of my copied CDs. Evaluation I will now evaluate weather or not my uses of ICT meet my needs. Generally my needs are met using ICT although the ICT available could be greater. I feel that the internet is not always the best way to research for school work as not a lot of the information is accurate or adequate. I prefer to either use a website specially designed for homework such as www.homeworkhelp.com because I know that the information is necessary for the level at which I am studying. I do not use search engines to find information because this can often lead to websites which don't partially know much about the subject or can sometimes confuse me and swamp me with information which is not necessary. If the topic I am researching into cannot be found on this website I can use either reference software or a reference book. Often sending e-mails home with my school work is not always best because it has a limit as to how big the file is that I send home. Also if I send home a file in the new Microsoft PowerPoint software, my computer does not have it and is therefore not compatible and prevents me from completing homework. Portfolio Report 1: Appendix Amy Greetham 11X1 Portfolio Report 1: ICT and You Step 1: List Your Uses of ICT This is a simple list of how I use ITC in my everyday life. 1. Searching on the Internet. 2. Downloading mp3 files from programmes such as Kazzaa. 3. Radio alarm clock. 4. Playing my mp3 Player. 5. Dishwasher to wash pots. 6. Messaging on MSN messenger. 7. Using E4 interactive. 8. Receiving and Sending E-mail. 9. Using debit card. ...read more.


Using the Microwave Using the microwave is a good way to heat up food. Sometimes it is not convenient to heat up bread or pastries though because they end up rather soggy and hard! Scanning Pictures on my PC Scanning pictures into my PC is a great way of sending pictures and work to friends but it takes a long time when inputting images into the computer. Using the video machine A VCR player/recorder is really good but you are extremely limited to watching those things you have. Recording some things is illegal. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to set up and to learn how to use the machine properly. Sending SMS Messages SMS messaging on my mobile phone using is ideal for cheaply keeping in touch with my friends. Of course using text messaging to hold a two way conversation is really time consuming and in these cases a phone call is much more suitable. Using PC Software I have to use a PC and software to produce the reports for my GCSE in Applied ITC course but the schools PCs are quite slow because the amount of people using them at the same time and this can get very frustrating. PCs are not always the best tool for making notes, especially when doing work such as making quick notes during lesson. Electronic Piano My electric piano is great for recording things for my GCSE music course but when it comes to practicing my pieces for my piano lesson I often get distracted with a lot of the different sounds on the piano and end up not practicing but seeing what Mozart sounds like on an electric guitar sound! Using the DVD Player The DVD player has great quality and sound but the DVDs can be very expensive to buy from the shops and it is illegal to buy copies. You are limited to what is in your collection. Amy Greetham 11X1 44339 - 1 - ...read more.

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