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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1268

PostQuick Parcels Database Solution.

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AS PRACTICAL EXERCISE FOR SUMMER 2001 EXAMINATION; PostQuick Parcels Database Solution. DEFINITION OF DATA REQUIREMENTS It has to have the ability to store details of customers and parcels. Each customer has their own Identification and they have many consignments, which contain more than one parcel. Customers are charged per parcel by weight it has to check the price of each parcel consignment, to produce an itemised consignment note for each customer. The details actually stored need only include information for 1day. Customer details include: * Name * Middle Name/s * Surname * Business * Telephone * Address * Postcode * Customer ID Consignment details include: * Consignment number * Customer ID * Total weight * Total cost * Deliver to * Address * Postcode Parcel Details include: * Parcel number * Consignment number * Length * Breadth * Height * Total dimensions * Weight * Cost according to weight Cost details include: * Weight * Cost ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM HAS WHICH CONTAIN A customer will have more than one consignment, as they may need to send different batches of parcels to different places. These consignments therefore have one or more parcels within the individual consignments. ...read more.


then a short message should appear in the form of a message box, to tell the user to correct the data entered. ? Parcels have to be heavier than 1 kg and lighter than 30 kg ? Parcel length can't be larger than 150 cm ? Consignments can't be heavier than 200 kg RECORD STRUCTURE, FILE ORGANISATION AND PROCESSING The information of each customer, consignment and parcel are entered and recorded in the Customer details, Consignments and the Parcels forms as shown in the user interface design section. They are linked together as follows: A Access query is used in combination with the consignment form to create the itemised consignment note. SECURITY AND INTEGRITY OF DATA: Most places where data has to be entered by the user have set data types; this helps to keep the integrity of the data by minimizing mistakes. E.g. if the data type of the weight of the parcel is set as a number then only numbers can be entered in this field. Also see validation rules. Data, which is calculated by the computer, can't be changed unless the data in the fields within the formulae are changed. The database will have various security passwords, which only allows employees access to the customer details. ...read more.


Dim cost As Variant Forms![Consignment]![Total cost] = DSum("[Cost]", "parcel", "[consignment number]=Forms![Consignment]![Consignment Number]") cost = Forms![Consignment]![Total Weight] End Sub Total weight = Private Sub Total_Weight_Enter() Dim tot As Variant Forms![Consignment]![Total Weight] = DSum("[weight]", "parcel", "[consignment number]=Forms![Consignment]![Consignment Number]") tot = Forms![Consignment]![Total Weight] If tot > 200 Then MsgBox "Tot weight must be <=200" End Sub Note: I built in a validation rule for the Total weight (total weight must be <=200" Below is the query that finds all the parcels in a certain consignment and displays this date this table can then be merged with the consignment form and this is then the itemised consignment note. TEST PLAN: I will test the all of the validation rules and some other places were data entry occurs to see if any other validations or data types can be applied to fields to make it harder to enter incorrect data. But mistakes will happen when data is entered but it is virtually impossible to create a database where incorrect data cannot be entered but it is possible to minimise this risk. TESTING EVIDENCE: Test with parcel weight with a decimal place. The field automatically rounded the decimal place to the nearest hole number. Which was from 1.5 to 2. Test with weight larger than 30 Test with length larger than 150 Test with invalid data type entered Test with weight less than 1 ...read more.

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