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Present Services available via the Internet.

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Present Services available via the Internet. Video Conferencing With a small video camera fixed to your PC, your image can be sent down the network to another user (and vice versa). Audio signals can also be sent using microphones and speakers. This means you can see and talk to another user. Companies can set up meetings with eyeball-to-eyeball communication between people who are not in the same room, building or even country. Using advanced communication methods, you can even talk to astronauts orbiting in satellites in space. Email Email is a system, which allows Internet users to send messages. Each user has a unique email address - usually provided by their ISP (Internet Service Provider). Jake sends an email message to Susan... Jake writes the message and sends it to Susan's email address The message is uploaded from Jake's PC to his ISP server. Jake's ISP server sends the message to Susan's ISP server where it is stored. ...read more.


Job availability. E commerce can take business away from local shops and businesses and so affects the availability of jobs. But many companies have also started and developed based on E-commerce alone. Others have developed it as a response to competition. Increased convenience. For consumers buying on the Internet has become convenient and safe. Increased dependence on the Internet. Now, both for companies and individuals, there is pressure to have Internet access to do everyday things such as submit orders or look up details in a catalogue. There are initiatives to make as many services available on the Internet as possible, including E-government, where government departments such as the taxman can be dealt with using secure websites. Task 1D What is the future of the Internet? Internet2 The incubator for many of the emerging technologies that are shaping the future is known as Internet2. Formed in 1996 and administered by the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID), Internet2 is a partnership between universities, corporations and government agencies. It's a testing ground for networking experiments. ...read more.


Not only can doctors consult and diagnose, but also they can simulate surgery by using a "Cyber Scalpel." Virtual surgery gives surgeons an opportunity to practice before ever entering the operating room, reducing the time required for the actual procedure. Using this kind of virtual technology, local hospitals can access resources and skills only available at larger institutions. NASA plans to use the technology to provide remote health care to astronauts on extended space journeys. A New Kind of Web While PCs were once the primary means of accessing the Internet, we're now seeing Internet-enabled devices such as pagers and mobile phones that send and receive e-mail and access the Web. Soon, everything from your car to your refrigerator will be connected to the global network, communicating with each other wirelessly. Electrolux, best known for its vacuum cleaners, has developed the Screen Fridge, an Internet icebox that manages your pantry, among other things. It e-mails a shopping list to your local supermarket and coordinates a convenient delivery time with your schedule. ...read more.

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