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Problem Statement.

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PROBLEM STATEMENT My friend has been the head of the become a secondary school maths teacher and she teaches three Year 11 classes. She has asked me to create a system on the computer to help her to see whether her pupils are improving or not, and also something to help her grade test scores. She could do this by looking at all of her pupils' test scores and making calculations using them, but this would take a very long time to do as they are recorded in several different mark books and so would take her a long time retrieving them in the first place. She would also like letters sent home to some of the pupils' parents if they seem to be achieving lower test scores at a constant rate. Using computers for this problem has many advantages. By using computers, it would be much more organised because all the test scores will be stored in one place rather than in several different places. ...read more.


o Displayed on screen The above points will be my objectives for this project and I will try to achieve all of these. COMPUTER SOFTWARE The following list of software can be used to solve this certain problem: * Word Package * Database Package * Spreadsheet Package CHOICE OF SOFTWARE I have considered using all three packages listed above and I have decided upon using one of them. The others I rejected because the packages weren't suited for this kind of problem. Here are some brief explanations on why are rejected the package or why I have chosen it: WORD PACKAGE A word package could be used for writing out the pupils' names and test scores, but it is incapable of grading test scores. It is also incapable of making calculations and sorting. However, I have decided to use this package for creating a mail merge letter. I will use Microsoft Word for creating my mail merge letter as this particular package is available to me at home and at school and so I am quite familiar with it. ...read more.


Also by using Microsoft packages for both my word and spreadsheet packages, transferring data between each package will be quite easy to do and so it would make creating mail merge letters easier to do. HARDWARE REQUIRED The hardware required to meet the objectives are as follows: * A computer * A monitor * A keyboard * A mouse * A printer * A floppy disk drive * Microsoft Excel * Microsoft Word * Sufficient memory SAVING/BACKING UP THE SYSTEM I will back up my system on several floppy disks as well as on the hard disk frequently while creating the system so that if my computer crashes, I will have a recently saved-copy on the floppy and hard disk to enable me to continue working later on. I will use several floppy disks so that just in case I lose one, I will have another one ready to use. They will be kept in different places so that if there happened to be a fire, all the floppy disks wouldn't be destroyed at the same time, but instead only one would be destroyed and I would have several more disks to continue working from. 3 SANG YOB LEE IDENTIFICATION IT COURSEWORK 2 ...read more.

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