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Problems with a manual system - the coffee company Coffee G.

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Analysis To find out the problems with a manual system I have done some research into the coffee company Coffee G by creating a questionnaire for the manager of Coffee G. By doing this, I can assess the problems of a manual system and solve these problems by introducing the computerised system. A manual system can have problems like when you write the information in books then the books can get lost or torn, you can't read the information and it can't be used. People who write the information can also make mistakes and sometimes you can't read the information and can be mistaken for something else which could affect the business, the consumers will also be unhappy because the process of entering the information into books will be a long and tedious process so therefore the customers will be annoyed and they will loose business. There are several aspects that were wrong with the manual system. ...read more.


It will also be tedious having to calculate the total number of goods sold and what quantity is sold, so that the next month's supply can be predicted. However, if a computerised model is used to plan and estimate how much goods may be required in one month, then the shop will not face any downfalls in businesses because they would have foretold what was going to happen and would be ready for it. This method is chosen because it is very simple and easy to do. This method also solves the problem straightforwardly, without using and involving any complex methods. There are 3 main methods: There are some solutions to help with accounting errors that may and can take place: 1) Use a part computerised and part manual computer system. For example, you can have all the expenses and outcome in an accounting book, while having all the income on the computer. ...read more.


and currencies. These are the variety services available on SAGE accounting. This will help the staff and business extremely because it is a package that contains several options that will be convenient to use * This is a slightly expensive package that ranges in price from �110.00 to �1500. * This requires a computer to be bought, therefore will increase the electrical bills. * The cost to buy a fully functioning and good computer is very expensive. * The staff requires full training, which will add even more to the cost of the package. * It can be a very complex software to beginners. 3 * This is a very simple way of developing the shop's business because this is very easy to use and only requires a small amount of training before using it. * Requires a computer, which can be slightly expensive. * Increases the electricity bill for the shop. I have chosen to use the last option. This is because the advantages shown above will benefit the company. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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