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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1271

Produce a net cash flow for an Italian restaurant called The Pizza Palace.

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Little Ilford School GCSE ICT Coursework Spreadsheets Shehryar Raja 11.4 Problem Identification: My task for this coursework is to produce a net cash flow for an Italian restaurant called The Pizza Palace. The restaurant is suffering many financial problems and needs a cash flow forecast to for the next six months. I will have to create that cash flow and will have to suggest ideas which could be used to get the business flowing flawlessly. Task 1: Question 1a and 1b: The system will be used by the management team. The manager of Pizza Palace will have to tell us what should be included in the net cash flow to make it easier and proficient for his likings. He will have to create a list of all the requirements that he needs. Most of these requirements will include: * A simple way to update the net cash flow. * Automatically make changes when the cash flow is updated. The old system is a manual system of 'pen and paper' and therefore, it is not too helpful for him because: * It is not efficient * It has no backup copies * It takes time to produce. * It has no automatic functions. ...read more.


The software that I will need is the following: Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel 2d) I need the following hardware for the system to function properly: * CPU - To save and backup the work (storage) * Mouse - To move the cursor around on the screen to open, close, modify work and send commands.. * Keyboard - To type in numbers and letters and send commands. * Monitor - To view what I am doing. * Printer - To look at the system (printout). * Floppy drive - To back up, save and load up the work on a floppy disk. * CD-ROM drive - To back up, save and load up work on a CD-ROM. 2e) 2f) I will use the following backup measures in case the system is deleted from the Hard Disk: * Floppy Disk * CD-ROM * USB Memory Stick * Flash Memory 2g) I will apply the following security measures: * Apply a password so that only those who know the password may enter and modify the work. * Use a Firewall to prevent hackers and viruses from invading the system. * Use an Anti-virus program such as Norton Anti-Virus to prevent hackers and viruses from invading the system. ...read more.


for the month of April. ok, the balance check is crisis. Test for VAT * Check the formulae * Check the value I predict that when the sale for the month of April is 5000, the vat will be 875. Ok, the vat is 875 Task 5: Evaluation: In my opinion the outcome meets the objectives in the identify section because I have managed to follow all the guidelines which has led me to create the near perfect spreadsheet for the Pizza Palace. It has everything they asked for and includes formulae to make it easy for the management team of the Pizza Palace. I have also created macros which also make it easy to use the program. All these put together with the rest of the coursework has allowed me to meet the need of the restaurant owner. There are alternative methods such as hiring an accountant but I think that creating a spreadsheet with formulae is a lot more efficient and cost-effective. My 'What If' queries were very appropriate because they allow the users to think ahead and forecast the account of the Pizza Palace. I could have improved the macros if I had another chance to do it. Plus, I could have also improved some implementation. Shehryar Raja 11.4 ?? ?? ?? ?? Shehryar Raja 11.4 Pizza Palace Coursework ICT - Ms Abdullah-Patel ...read more.

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